8 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Website

Written by Scott J. Patterson

Traffic from search engines is widely consideredrepparttar best (and cheapest) way to generate traffic to your site. The increasing popularity of search engines has led torepparttar 127836 development of a whole industry that revolves around ways to “optimize” websites.

The end result is that many people now think that only “professionals” can help their website rank high within search engines. But,repparttar 127837 truth is that anyone can structure their site so they rank high for many keywords.

Below, I have listed 8 simple steps that you can take to optimize your web pages. By following these, you will improve your chances of increasing your rankings:

1) Target one word for each page: A huge mistake that many beginners make is cramming numerous keywords onto every page. Instead of doing this, you should focus on one specific keyword for each page. That way, you can make sure thatrepparttar 127838 page is focusing on that one word without any distractions. If you want to target multiple keywords then it is necessary to create a separate page for each.

2) List your major keywords inrepparttar 127839 links back to your site: Many search engines, Google beingrepparttar 127840 most famous, have started to take into accountrepparttar 127841 words that are mentioned inrepparttar 127842 title tag ofrepparttar 127843 links that point to your site. So, a great way to improve your rankings for your keywords is to place it inrepparttar 127844 title tag.

3) Make your first 100 words onrepparttar 127845 page keyword rich: Another mistake that most webmasters make is to have a menu onrepparttar 127846 left-hand side of a website. Since search engines primarily focus onrepparttar 127847 first 100 words of a website, a left side menu is a misuse of valuable space.

Instead of doing this, you should have your title, description and web copy withinrepparttar 127848 first 100 words of your site. An easy way to do this is to have your menu onrepparttar 127849 right instead ofrepparttar 127850 standard left-hand side.

But, sincerepparttar 127851 left-handed menu is now commonplace, you can also choose to put your first 100 words aboverepparttar 127852 left-handed menu, so this text will berepparttar 127853 first thing read on your website.

4)Insertrepparttar 127854 keyword into your title tag: Inrepparttar 127855 source code of most pages are “header tags” (also known as Meta tags), which help search engines understandrepparttar 127856 content ofrepparttar 127857 page.

MSN Beta Search Phenomenon

Written by mark white

I don't fully understandrepparttar algorithm's involved withrepparttar 127835 new

Beta search from MSN but I have to say as a site owner I love it.

After releasing my new site torepparttar 127836 World Wide Web I am already

Really impressed withrepparttar 127837 speed that I got indexed and even more

Impressed withrepparttar 127838 ranking I have been given.

I let my newest site ( www.buy-dvds-online.com ) out of its box

Less than 2 weeks ago and I have already attained a position of

3 out of 1,589,310 forrepparttar 127839 keyword search "buy dvd's online".

How is this happening?

Well I have looked at all sorts of forums relating to MSN Beta

and it seems that it genuinely searches forrepparttar 127840 most keyword

relevant site it can find.

The name ofrepparttar 127841 site in relation torepparttar 127842 keyword or words searched

for has proved as important as ever, when I searched forrepparttar 127843

keywords "free traffic tips" on msn I got www.freetraffictip.com as

number 1 result.

When I searched forrepparttar 127844 same keywords on googlerepparttar 127845 same

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