8 Deadly Strategies To Blast Your Site In To Dangerous Profits

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

Okay so you've gotrepparttar best website inrepparttar 131870 world. You haverepparttar 131871 deadliest sales letter, your USP (Ultimate Selling Proposition) is great, your inventory is ready, you have used allrepparttar 131872 right psychological triggers and everything is perfect. Okay... but where arerepparttar 131873 customers, what next?

1. Go and submit your site torepparttar 131874 search engines you may userepparttar 131875 services at http://www.worldsubmitter.com. Keep repeating every six to eight weeks.

2. Announce your site using a press release. Here are some free services:

- For website announcements submit at http://www.prweb.com/urlwire.php

- For other news worthy announcements submit freely at http://www.onlinepressreleases.com/cgi-bin/secure/prsubmit.pl

- http://www.prweb.com/register.php - Here you will have to register first.

- For announcements relating to new ebook or epublishing use http://ebookbroadcast.com/submit.shtml

3. Write a 300-600 word article describingrepparttar 131876 needs and benefits of your products (Don't make this sound like an ad say if you are selling beauty products your article may be about skin care tips etc.) Put your resource box atrepparttar 131877 end ofrepparttar 131878 article, you may include some comment about your product line and post it for free publication here:

- Articles Digest free subscriptions are available at http://EzineArticles.com/

- Article announce writer and publisher exchange http://www.web-source.net/articles/

- Idea Marketers Library http://www.ideamarketers.com

- Making Profit Directory http://www.MakingProfit.com

- Free Content http://www.certificate.net/wwio/

4. Set up an affiliate program whereby you pay a percentage of each sale torepparttar 131879 reseller. If you don't want to set up your own affiliate tracking software, you may userepparttar 131880 excellent services of http://www.clickbank.com .

If you are able to offer a good percentage share (say 50% or more) you will be able to attract some ofrepparttar 131881 top affiliates. Advertise for affiliates rather then actual sales of your products.

Net Words by Nick Usborne - A Book Review

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

Business online differs dramatically from business offline in several key areas. The first and most important isrepparttar difference betweenrepparttar 131869 behavior of online buyers and their offline counterparts. Offline buyers must first be AWARE thatrepparttar 131870 service or product they seek is available near their location, then either call a specific company they know and trust or visit a particular dentist, accountant, hardware store or auto parts retailer. When an offline buyer decides to purchase an item or a service, he first must decide where to spend his money, what his budget will allow him to purchase and when he will get in his car and drive to whatever location is necessary to complete his actions. Even ifrepparttar 131871 product or service he intends to buy comes to his home inrepparttar 131872 case of tree trimming service or pool man, he will decide who to contact based on what? Advertising! Inrepparttar 131873 phone book, promotional flyers, newspaper classified ads, billboard advertisements, word of mouth, television or radio ads. This is why we are constantly bombarded from every one of those sources by companies that sell their products and services locally, regionally and nationally with ADVERTISING.

This is also why advertising online has failed so miserably and contributed torepparttar 131874 bursting ofrepparttar 131875 high-tech bubble. We tried to apply that offline advertising model torepparttar 131876 online world and it just doesn't fit! How do people behave when considering a purchase of products or services online? Do they wander around to different web sites to purposefully look at those annoying, blinking flashing, beeping banner ads. NO! They go to a search engine, typerepparttar 131877 product or service into a search box and click repparttar 131878 "Search" button! They don't look for a billboard telling them where to go, they don't look for an exit sign, they don't reach for a phone book or ask their neighbor, THEY GO TO A SEARCH ENGINE! They may changerepparttar 131879 words they type into that search box, they may misspellrepparttar 131880 words they use to search for your product or service, they may use a brand name to search for a product, they may specifyrepparttar 131881 town they hope to visit in that search query. They may researchrepparttar 131882 problem that they hope to solve with their purchase before deciding where, when or from whom to buy it. These are very important clues to determining how to market your product or service online! Nobody sits down in front of their computer knowingrepparttar 131883 answers to all of their buying decisions! They search, research, shop randomly, shop at YAHOO! But in all of that bouncing around online, they will, at some point use a search engine or directory to find what they want to know, then they will decide where to buy it, whether that is done online or offline. You are dealing with someone seeking information, features, benefits, resources, solutions, pricing, comparisons when seeking online buyers. They are NOT looking for your business name, your widget, your service offering, nor will they necessarily purchase online! They are seeking a solution to their problem. Whether that is how to treat their sensitive skin after a summer sunburn, or seeking price comparisons on used cars, or real estate values and finding local agents. Search and research -- That is online behavior. The online buyer is seeking something that can be found using WORDS, TEXT, DESCRIPTIONS and INFORMATION! They don't shop based on who has repparttar 131884 best Flash Movie, they aren't searching for nice photographs of your building, your fancy equipment or technical illustrations of your products. They will find YOUR SITE one way and one way only if they haven't already bookmarked your front page. By USING A SEARCH ENGINE, TYPING WORDS intorepparttar 131885 search box!

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