86400 Seconds a Day

Written by Jordan Francis

'86400 Seconds A Day' By Jordan Francis

"Time is a bit like money, you have to spend it wisely".

Guess what you had today? It'srepparttar same as what you hadrepparttar 117411 day before, and I guarantee you will getrepparttar 117412 same tomorrow. As you may have already guessed fromrepparttar 117413 title alone...

You got 86400 seconds.

Whether it's work or in front ofrepparttar 117414 telly, you WILL spend that time.

It does not matter whether you chat to your friends, or eat your food, or stare in to space. Those 86400 seconds will count down regardless.

You can't save 'time' up and spend it another day - you can't have more than 86400 seconds in one day. You can't pause it, and you can't avoid it!

The time you had yesterday is now gone - you will never be able to spend that time again, ever.

If it's inrepparttar 117415 past, then it has vanished. Onlyrepparttar 117416 present time can you use,repparttar 117417 rest you either plan for or you reflect on.

Wouldn't it be nice to reflect on time well spent?

"You can't control time, but you can control what you do within time..."

Succeeding in any thing in life including business online relies heavily on 'time', and how efficiently you use it.

I used to spend every available minute online learning what I could, setting up sites, writing sales copy and editing autoresponder's.

I spent an unhealthy amount of time working and I will tell you now - It was not worth it! My health suffered, and although I did learn a lot, I could have learned even more if I had spent my time more efficiently.

Home Office Tip 2...Computer Health Hazards!

Written by BB Lee

Computer Health Hazards..... Home Office Tips 2 by BB Lee(C)2003

Home office stress related injuries are escalating. Along with carpal tunnel syndrome, eye strains, neck strains, back related problems. Let's face it, if you are behindrepparttar keys more than a few hours a week you will suffer one or more ofrepparttar 117410 above problems.

Neck Strains. Have you noticed that your neck is stiff after a long day atrepparttar 117411 computer? Well,repparttar 117412 trouble might be your monitor height. Your monitor should be eye level so you will not have to constantly lower, raise, and crook your neck to viewrepparttar 117413 screen.

Exercise Tip: Try rotating your your shoulders back several times and then forward for several more times to reduce stress. Then slowly turn your head side to side several times.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Also called repetitive motion injury is onrepparttar 117414 increase. Why? Because ofrepparttar 117415 new technology, computers are faster than ever. This leads to more keystrokes which equals more injuries. That numbness in your wrist or hands might be a warning that you are suffering from this injury. Try purchasing one ofrepparttar 117416 gel pads you can rest your hands on while atrepparttar 117417 keyboard. This will help tremendously. Purchase ergonomically made wrist rest and mouse pads available at most office supply stores to help ease tension and chance of injury.

Correct posture will help too. Keep your feet flat onrepparttar 117418 floor, your knee's parallel torepparttar 117419 floor, your back straight, your upper arms dropping straight down, with elbows to repparttar 117420 side and atrepparttar 117421 same height as your keyboard.

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