80% of your Web site is Maintenance

Written by Judy Cullins

Once your Web site is up, you must maintain it. Maintenance means changes, and each time you make a change, you may make a mistake. Today, someone pointed out a mistake in an entry that was time-sensitive. If your visitors get a link that doesn't work or incomplete instructions, or if your copy is lackluster instead of passionate, they will delete your site and not bookmark it.

Before you invite folks to see your masterpiece you need to check and correct all parts of your site, and especiallyrepparttar home page.

*Test your headline. You have 4 seconds to get your visitor's attention. Test your title or opening sentence of copy. This one item alone can make a huge difference inrepparttar 132085 responses you receive. Instead ofrepparttar 132086 wasted words "welcome," put a benefit with a link to either a story about your product orrepparttar 132087 product itself. When I placed "Quadruple your Web Sales in Just Three Months" with a click here following it, my Web sales increased ten times fromrepparttar 132088 original one, and this is only 3 months time. If your headline doesn't do it,repparttar 132089 game is over.

*Test your offer. People perceive more value when you add an incentive to buy. Give them a bonus FREE report or a tips list withrepparttar 132090 order. It takes little time and effort to create, but it increases sales ten-fold. Forrepparttar 132091 holidays I plan to motivate my visitors with "Holiday Specials" where I will offer a bundle of products at a lower price thanrepparttar 132092 highest one. Test your copy by emailing your preferred audience several choices. Which one would they buy? Emphasize different benefits, try different phrases, power words and metaphors. Appeal to their different senses like smell, touch, emotions and visual.

*Test your price. A price that is too low is as bad as a price too high. Too low a price devalues your product or service. Potential clients or buyers might think, "If it's that cheap, it must not be good." One myth is that eBooks have less value than print books. If your book has information your one particular audience wants, you must price it accordingly. My eBooks are in 8 by 11" format. That means they have twicerepparttar 132093 information as a regular size book. They can be purchased by regular eMail or put into Portable Document Format.

*Test your copy. Change testimonials or pictures every so often. Redo your opening page and closing page. Instead of "Subscribe to my ezine," put a short testimonial from a famous person in your field right beforerepparttar 132094 "click here" to subscribe. Always give your visitors a reason to buy. Make your copy "you" oriented. Dan Poynter, author of The Self-Publishing Manual, said this about my free monthly ezine "The Book Coach Says... ezine is chock full of useful information - totally worth your time."

Real Audio and Real Video, streaming media for your web site

Written by Dominic Arnold

Anybody interested in creating RealAudio and RealVideo content on their sites will find it's a great deal easier than they might have initially imagined.

The instructions given below are for RealAudio on a Windows 95/98 computer, butrepparttar process is almost identical for RealVideo and other platforms. I tentatively suggest you print out this tutorial for easier reading, by copyingrepparttar 132084 text and pasting it into Wordpad or Word then printing it out. Or if, you prefer, you can downloadrepparttar 132085 text as a zipped document from here. Netscape users please press shift as you click to saverepparttar 132086 file to disc.

Before you start, be sure you:

1: have an audio or video file in one ofrepparttar 132087 following formats: AVI, MOV, WAV, or AU format. If your file is not in one of those formats, you will need to convert it before starting this tutorial.

2: check with your internet service provider orrepparttar 132088 people who provide your web space that they support streaming media. This isrepparttar 132089 one sure thing that will guarantee that you'll never get this technique to work on your site. Save your self a lot of time and effort by finding out before you start this tutorial.

3: are not violating any copyright laws by placing copyrighted material on your web site. It goes without saying thatrepparttar 132090 best files to put on your web site are files you've created yourself. A snippet ofrepparttar 132091 Spice Girls may titillate a few but it won't encourage people to stick around or even come back to see how your site develops and it may make you vulnerable to prosecution.

Step 1: Download RealProducer encoder The current version is RealProducer 7.0. To getrepparttar 132092 encoder, click here, fill outrepparttar 132093 form and downloadrepparttar 132094 encoder. I've been through this process myself a few times and I can guarantee that Real won't send you annoying bumf. After you finish downloading, you will need to executerepparttar 132095 file you downloaded and install RealProducer.

Step 2: Preparations to encode your music file Double clickrepparttar 132096 icon on your desktop or fromrepparttar 132097 start menu called " RealProducer." Inrepparttar 132098 dialogue box which pops up choose 'record from file'

Now you need to enterrepparttar 132099 name ofrepparttar 132100 file that you want to encode. Click "Browse" and browse forrepparttar 132101 file. Once you have foundrepparttar 132102 file, click "Open" then "Next".

Inrepparttar 132103 next screen, enterrepparttar 132104 title, author, copyright and a brief description ofrepparttar 132105 track to inform your listeners ofrepparttar 132106 kind of thing they can expect to hear when they play it. Then click "Next". Now you need to selectrepparttar 132107 target audience. Select "Multi-rate SureStream for Real Server G2" and click "Next". Then choose 56k Modem as a target Audience stream format. Most PCs, browsers and modems should be able to handle this.

The current screen asks forrepparttar 132108 audio format. Selectrepparttar 132109 appropriate type based onrepparttar 132110 type of file you are encoding and click "Next".

Now you will be asked to enterrepparttar 132111 output file. You can choose to enter it anywhere on your hard drive but you should be able to remember exactly where you placed it. Then you should click "Next". Please ensure at this stage that you avoid any spaces in a file's name. Most servers are still susceptible to file names which aren't continuous so a file like 'wake free zone.rm' would be more easily recognised as 'wakefreezone.rm'.

Finally, RealProducer allows you to confirm your choices. If there is nothing wrong with your choices, click "Start". If you wish to change something, hit 'back' and change what you need to inrepparttar 132112 appropriate dialogue boxes.

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