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There dozens of reasons why any one individual might not be successful with his/her network marketing business... or any other business for that matter.

Here are a few that I can think of right offrepparttar top of my head:


Network marketing or MLM is just another method of distribution of a product or service. It is a "business" in every sense ofrepparttar 136764 word. Many new distributors do not realize that allrepparttar 136765 same skills and dedication to effort, that are required to be successful in any business, are needed in their MLM business.


Unfortunately, this industry hasrepparttar 136766 reputation of making it sound too easy. Distributors, in their eagerness to build "any" type of organization, paint too rosy a picture to convince a prospective distributor to come aboard. This is a disservice torepparttar 136767 industry,repparttar 136768 recruiting distributor, and torepparttar 136769 prospect. Experienced and successful distributors do a lot of "sifting & sorting" to findrepparttar 136770 right prospects for their organization. They require thatrepparttar 136771 prospect jump through a lot of qualifying hoops to become part ofrepparttar 136772 team.


If you cannot, or will not, take coaching and instruction then MLM is not for you. Surprisingly, those with strong professional selling skills are oftenrepparttar 136773 worst choice you can make for potential team member. They often think they must "re-inventrepparttar 136774 wheel" to conform with their selling experience. Your successful upline "knows" how to work your business. Follow their lead and duplicaterepparttar 136775 already successful system.


Your choice of your upline sponsor is critical to your success. Most new distributors give little or no attention to this important detail. If you sponsor is not a good trainer, or is not willing to implementrepparttar 136776 systems necessary to support YOU... then you haverepparttar 136777 wrong sponsor. Your sponsor, inrepparttar 136778 truest sense ofrepparttar 136779 phrase, is your "partner in success". A bad one can stifle your success... a good one can skyrocket your profits and greatly shorten our learning and selling cycle.


Written by Thom Reece


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"...one ofrepparttar marks of a paradigm shift is that what used to be considered peripheral, moves to center stage." (Thomas Kuhn)

What Thomas Kuhn is talking about, inrepparttar 136763 quote above, is a perfect example ofrepparttar 136764 major paradigm shift that has occurred inrepparttar 136765 peoples relationship to WORK. A paradigm can be defined as a commonly held belief . When I was growing up inrepparttar 136766 Midwest it was a paradigm (a commonly held belief) thatrepparttar 136767 road to a happy life was to:

  • get a good education,
  • get a good job with a big corporation
  • keep your nose clean
  • retire in 20 to 30 years with a secure income for life.
That belief in corporate America's willingness and/or ability to "take-care" of us, is no longer valid. Anyone still holding on to that old paradigm is headed for great disappointment and failure.

The only person you can depend on to take care of you in future years isrepparttar 136768 person you look at inrepparttar 136769 mirror inrepparttar 136770 morning....YOU! No government, no company or benevolent corporation (now there's an oxymoron) is going to be there for you.

Major underlying shifts have been occurring inrepparttar 136771 economy of America andrepparttar 136772 world. Corporate downsizing, layoffs, offshore production, government realignments, shifts from a manufacturing/hard industry economy to an information and service systems economy with allrepparttar 136773 accompanying displacement inrepparttar 136774 work force, NAFTA, WTO...repparttar 136775 list goes on and on.

All of these trends form a checklist of reasons for you to be taking ACTION today to assure your own financial well- being and security.

I am 60 years old....I do not expect Social Security to be around when I need it. The agency may be there (impossible to kill a bloated federal bureaucracy) but it will bear no resemblance torepparttar 136776 agency that has provided for our parents. The benefits to us will be a fraction of what it should be... filled with means testing, qualifiers, etc. that did not exist in previous years....and will not provide even a bare subsistence income.

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