7 ways to use business cards in your business?

Written by Carl cholette

We all know that advertising and marketing, arerepparttar life blood of any business! You can haverepparttar 150522 best product inrepparttar 150523 world, but if nobody knows about it, you will not make any money!

Here's 5 ways to use business card in your home business!

1)When you go shopping, leave some business cards withrepparttar 150524 cashier, leave some when you go torepparttar 150525 ATM machine, or on some shelf inrepparttar 150526 stores. It doesn't cost you nothing to do it and you never know!

2)Post some cards atrepparttar 150527 library, there is, most ofrepparttar 150528 time, an erea where you are allowed to post flyers. Post your cards. Post some cards at billboards in your city; like atrepparttar 150529 gym, yacht club, arena etc...Be different!

3)When you pay bills, insert 1 card inrepparttar 150530 enveloppe. Do that for allrepparttar 150531 different bills. You can also do this if you userepparttar 150532 ATM machine.

4)Give a few business cards to your friends and family. Ask them to give some away to people they know!

5)Go to bookstores and insert some cards in home business magazines and business magazines. When somebody will took repparttar 150533 magazine to read it they will seerepparttar 150534 business cards inside or it will fell onrepparttar 150535 floor. Either way, they will be curious and read your message!

The Top Ten Antique Categories on eBay!

Written by Joe Clare

Knowledge is Power! And this statement could not be more true when it comes to selling on eBay. As explained in my book "eBay Marketing Wholesale SourcePak" being successful on eBay all depends on being inrepparttar right place, atrepparttar 150490 right time, withrepparttar 150491 right product. For example, did you know one ofrepparttar 150492 most popular categories on eBay for buying and selling isrepparttar 150493 Antiques Category. That's right! People flock to eBay to locate treasures fromrepparttar 150494 past. But what if we could know exactly what they are looking for? Just what kind of Antiques? Well I can help! Below you will findrepparttar 150495 Top Ten Picks of Antique Categories (atrepparttar 150496 time of this writing) as per eBay.

10 - Lace and Crochet Trim

9 - Medical Antiques

8 - Wood Picture Frames 7 - Knobs and Handles

6 - Linen Samplers

5 - Mixed Material: Picture Frames

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