7 things to look for in a URL snipping Service

Written by Charles H Smith

7 things to look for in a URL snipping Service

By Charles H Smith

URL snipping services are becoming commonplace today. Surfers use them to mask affiliate URLs, shorten very long URL's, even to hide email addresses from spammers and automatic email harvesters. Ther are several URL snipping services that are no longer active. These inculde: shortlink.us, quickones.org, smlnk.com, and smurl.it. Hopefully, you didn't lose any carefully crafted and well planned email link campaigns as these services closed.

As you look to snip your URL's using a free service, there are several items to investgate.

First, dorepparttar links expire? If they expire, you may want to look to another service.

Second, is there a direct redirect? If, upon selectingrepparttar 131548 short URL, you are sent to a transition or intersitial page, this page may change inrepparttar 131549 future to display an advertisment ofrepparttar 131550 free service. The preferable redirection is a direct link to your short URL.

Third,repparttar 131551 service should checkrepparttar 131552 URL and determine is is valid. Everyone makes typos, this simply check for valid URL format.

Fourth, how long hasrepparttar 131553 service been in business? Longevity and reliability are crucial when you are snipping hundreds of affiliate links.

Fifth, is there any Terms of Service that you do not agree with? If there are, look for another service.

Sixth, can you userepparttar 131554 URL snipping service to hide email addresses from spammers? Try to snip mailto:youremailaddress@yourdomain.com. Ifrepparttar 131555 resulting snipped URL opens your default email program, then you may hide your email address from spammers.

Alexa Rank

Written by Ratliff J

Alexa gets its rankings data from browsers that haverepparttar Alexa toolbar installed. That's a fairly small sampling, as well as a skewed one, as many Web-savvy individuals feel that havingrepparttar 131546 toolbar is akin to having spyware on your system. Because of this, any info you get from Alexa needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

It definitely doesn't measurerepparttar 131547 true popularity of a site, but can give you some idea if people withrepparttar 131548 Alexa toolbar installed are visiting your site. I have to admit that I likerepparttar 131549 comparison feature atrepparttar 131550 Alexa site where you can stack up a few different URLs in related markets and compare their traffic. I don't put much stock inrepparttar 131551 actual numbers, but it is very interesting to see how much higher or lower sites are onrepparttar 131552 chart in comparison to one another.Every now and then when I'm bored, I'll use this feature to compare my forum site to some ofrepparttar 131553 other forum sites inrepparttar 131554 SEO industry, and it's pretty enlightening!

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