7 point checklist to choose a web hosting service

Written by Josh Bender

Before you can launch your web site, you'll need to engagerepparttar services of a web hosting company.

A web host, quite simply, allows you to rent space on a web server. Your web pages are then stored on this server, andrepparttar 138507 host computer allows other people connected torepparttar 138508 Internet to view them.

There are literally hundreds of web hosting companies to choose from. How to chooserepparttar 138509 right one?

As with trying out any new service, you won't really know how good a web hosting company is until you try it. Therefore, ask around and see whether you can get any recommendations from those who already use a web hosting company. You might also want to consider how longrepparttar 138510 company has been in business, how reliable it is known to be, and how expensive it would be if you want to upgrade your plan in future.

Other areas to consider include:

* Disk space How much disk space do you need? Does you website have less than 10 pages? You'll need only a small amount of space. Is it a huge site that has thousands of pages? You'll be needing a lot of disk space. Most web hosting plans limit how much space you will have, so make surerepparttar 138511 plan you choose meets your needs.

* E-mail accounts How many e-mail accounts do you need? You'll probably need one for each employee and one for each department (sales, accounts, support). Make sure you purchase a hosting plan that has enough e-mail accounts. Also, do you want full POPS access, Web-based e- mail, or both?

What Type of Web Hosting is Best for You?

Written by Dave Summits

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How to Chooserepparttar 138238 Right Type of Web Hosting by Dave Summits Are you confused with all ofrepparttar 138239 different types of web hosting? Do you know which type is best for you? This guide will try and help you to find out which type of web hosting best suits your needs and budget.

First of all, here arerepparttar 138240 different terms that will be discussed:

Shared hosting Reseller hosting VPS (virtual private server) Dedicated server Colocation

What is shared hosting? Shared hosting isrepparttar 138241 most common type of budget web hosting. You are hosted on a server with different websites, that you sharerepparttar 138242 server with. One abusive site can slow downrepparttar 138243 whole server, and on an unsecured server, a malicious user can gain access to your files. The number of sites hosted on a server depends onrepparttar 138244 web host, andrepparttar 138245 size ofrepparttar 138246 plans. Users on shared servers often experience slow speeds, due to overselling. Many shared server web hosts oversell their servers. Overselling is assuming that most users will not use up all of their resources, so they put more users on a server than it could hold if every user used up all of their alloted resources. This isn't too big of an issue if web hosts know what they're doing, and oversell responsibly. Shared hosting can start very cheap, as low as a couple dollars per month, but I suggest going with something a little more costly.

What is reseller hosting? Reseller hosting is very similar to shared hosting. Reseller hosting takes place on a shared server. The difference between shared and reseller hosting is that with a reseller account, you can create shared hosting accounts. Depending onrepparttar 138247 host, you can create an unlimited number of shared users, but of course you cannot use more space and bandwidth than you are alloted. With reseller hosting, you can start your own web hosting business, give hosting away to friends, or make many accounts for yourself. Overselling can still be an issue with reseller hosting, because you still sharerepparttar 138248 server with other resellers and shared hosting users. Reseller hosting usually costs a little more than shared hosting, starting at around $15-20.

What is a VPS? A VPS is a virtual private server. Also known sometimes as a VDS, or virtual dedicated server. A VPS is very similar to a dedicated server, except that you are still sharingrepparttar 138249 server with other users. However, with a VPS, you are in an isolated environment. Each VPS user has its own partition ofrepparttar 138250 server, and therefore an abusive user does not effect other users onrepparttar 138251 VPS. You get root access torepparttar 138252 server, and can install your own software. You also haverepparttar 138253 ability to create reseller accounts. With a VPS, you can do everything that shared and reseller hosting users can, as well as complete control over your slice ofrepparttar 138254 server. VPS costs more than shared and reseller hosting, with usually starting around $40 a month. I can recommend PowerVPS.com with firsthand experience, I am very happy with them. Their lowest price for a cPanel VPS is $44.50 a month with 10GB storage and 150GB bandwidth. I also recommend (without firsthand experience) LiquidWeb.com, which starts at $60/month with 20GB storage and 200GB bandwidth.

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