7 Ways to Self-Promote Within Your E-zine

Written by Alexandria K. Brown

We all know that an e-zine won't attract and keep subscribers without offering insightful, practical content. If you only drone on and on about how wonderful you and your services/ products are, your readers won't stick around for long.

But let's think about WHY you began your e-zine inrepparttar first place. It was likely to use it as a vehicle to promote you and your services/products, right?

You have every right to toot your own horn in your e-zine, as long as you don't drown outrepparttar 124332 useful content your readers are looking for.

You work hard on your e-zine, so let's make your e-zine work FOR you!

** Here are 7 simple ideas on how to accomplish this: **

1) Make sure your MAIN ARTICLE always provides information that your readers will find valuable.

By having a main article asrepparttar 124333 foundation of your issue, readers will feel they got what they came for - helpful information. Try a list of top 10 tips, a "how-to" article, a list of resources, a review of a trend inrepparttar 124334 industry - that sort of thing. (For a free copy of my article, "11 Quick and Good E-Zine Content Ideas," send a blank e-mail to mailto:ali- 14285@autocontactor.com)

So remember, if your e-zine is tonight's meal, your main article should berepparttar 124335 entree. Any promotional info should be your side dishes!

2) Begin each issue with an "EDITOR'S NOTE" or "PUBLISHER'S NOTE."

I began doing this duringrepparttar 124336 fall of 2001, and have found it'srepparttar 124337 perfect place to let readers know about what's happening with me and my business, give them a taste of my personality, and announce any upcoming events or workshops. Because this is a personal message from you to them, and because it's NOT your main content, you have more leeway in being direct and self-promotional.

Are Announcement Lists Effective?

Written by Bill Platt

When you start an ezine, you realize after a few short weeks that you will actually have to promote it in order for it to be successful. But how do we do that? We have all asked ourselves that question. When you begin to seek out solutions, most of us quickly discover Announcement Lists. But, how effective are they?

New List Announcements are great, but you can only use them once!

When you start out with a new list and begin promoting onrepparttar announce lists, you are thrilled by each new subsciption. But after some time passes, you begin to notice that your new subscriptions are waning. Most list owners will reach this point and start playing with their ads a bit. This is a good excercise, it will help you learn to craft a better ad. Let me give you some of what I learned when I started trying to create a better ad.

You can learn alot by watching your own methods for looking at announcement posts. If there are certain things in an ad that trigger certain reactions in you, then you can be fairly certain that other people will reactrepparttar 124331 same way.

Take for example white space. White space is wonderful. It is much easier onrepparttar 124332 eyes than an ad that runs along for miles without a break. It provides a clean appearance and seems more professional.

Subconciously, we may be equating white space orrepparttar 124333 lack thereof, torepparttar 124334 different subconcious reactions we have towards a clean person versus our reactions towards a bum in an alley way. By paying attention to my own reactions to various ad styles, I have learned that you do need that white space to break things up, or people will skip your ad altogether. My ad efficiency increased by 25% by learning just this one lesson.

You need to try to cycle your ads and try different things. Each week, try a different approach for your ads. By doing this, you will begin to see what works best for your particular ezine. Different ezines will need a different style of ad, to representrepparttar 124335 differentiation of subject materials andrepparttar 124336 people who read them. Despiterepparttar 124337 differences ofrepparttar 124338 various genre, some tactics will be effective for all of them. The remainder of this article will continue to address some of those constants.

Some of my early growth explosions came as a result of using testimonials in my ad copy. I know you have heard people talk about that before. I know, because I have read more articles onrepparttar 124339 subject of using testimonials than for any other subject material.

I highly recommend that you will want to includerepparttar 124340 single best testimonial you have received from your subscribers. It is not important how many testimonials you have, as long as you have one that is really descriptive and informative. It only took me one ad with one testimonial to understandrepparttar 124341 importance of using testimonials in my ad copy.

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