7 Ways To Save On Your InkJet Printing Costs

Written by Mark Idzik

Inkjet printers are not only getting better, they're also getting less expensive. Why is that?

The inkjet printer manufacturers have built their business aroundrepparttar supplies rather thanrepparttar 150070 printer itself. They makerepparttar 150071 printers as inexpensive as possible, sometimes selling them at cost, or less and making long term profits fromrepparttar 150072 inkjet cartridges.

Manufacturers regularly warn about using generic cartridges, and highly recommend their own. Truth be told, there is very little difference betweenrepparttar 150073 two and you can regularly save over half of your current manufacturer branded cartridge purchases.

To help keep your inkjet supply costs low, here are seven tips that will keep you under budget:

1) When printing inter-office, internal, personal or draft documents, userepparttar 150074 "draft" and "grayscale" options in your printer settings. This will save on both black ink was well as color ink. Save color and standard black for your final document print.

2) Select inkjet printers that use separate black and color inkjet cartridges likerepparttar 150075 Canon "i" series. Many of these printers have 2 black and 4 color cartridges that allow you to replace onlyrepparttar 150076 colors that are running low, not justrepparttar 150077 one 'color' cartridge as many printers often do. This saves on long term cartridge costs and lengthensrepparttar 150078 time between cartridge replacements.

Immunize, Immunize, Immunize!!!

Written by Steve Collins

Viruses are everywhere! We spend massive amounts of time and energy protecting our bodies from these virus infestations, why would we not dorepparttar same forrepparttar 150069 focus of our businesses or finances? A computer virus can cause much more damage that most people realize. They can be benign or proactive, simple or highly complex. They can do anything from copying and emailing personal information torepparttar 150070 world, to causing a hard drive failure resulting inrepparttar 150071 loss of all of your data. How can I prevent this from happening you might be asking yourself? Easy... by gettingrepparttar 150072 most efficient, successful and award winning anti-virus available. NOD32 Anti-Virus program can thoroughly and

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