7 Ways To Get Repeat Traffic

Written by Ken Hill

The following tips will help you keep your visitors coming back to your site:

1. Make your site a valuable resource.

Provide your visitors with your own articles, resources, or tutorials. Strive to make your siterepparttar #1 resource in your field of expertise, and continue to keep your site updated with new information.

2. Ask your visitors to bookmark your site.

3. Add things to your site to make your site more interactive and engaging to your visitors such as your own polls where your visitors can seerepparttar 131825 results in real time, sports or news tickers, quizzes, or chat rooms.

4. Invite your visitors to add their own content to your site such as articles they have written.

5. Add a guestbook to your site.

Your guestbook will keep your visitors coming back to your site by allowing them to post and respond to messages, and can also provide you with valuable feedback that you can use to make your site better, correct problems with your site, and increase your sales.

For a free customizable guestbook that you can add to your site visit: http://www.scstats.com/r.cfm?i=4919

Which fonts can I use on my website? What if I want to use others?

Written by Dianne Reuby

If you've done any word processing or desk-top publishing, you'll be used to using all sorts of fancy fonts - for headlines, logos, and banners. For your web pages, you'll have to do things differently.

What if I put a "fancy" font on my web page? If you haven't gotrepparttar same fonts on your PC that I have on mine, your browser will just show a font that's as close as it can find. If you're not using a PC, orrepparttar 131824 Windows operating system, then again your computer will display a font as close torepparttar 131825 one specified as it can.

If you want to use fancy or non-standard fonts on your web site, for example on a banner, you'll have to create a graphic file withrepparttar 131826 text in it. The banners that you see as headers and ads on web sites are all graphics - even when they look as though they are all text.

Which fonts can I use without using a graphics program?

Windows usually includes Arial, Helvetica, Times Roman, and Verdana, as well as Comic Sans MS, Trebuchet, and Impact!, unlessrepparttar 131827 user has removed them from their PC.

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