7 Ways To Fail At Ezine Publishing

Written by Jason Potash

Are you looking to build a successful ezine?

If you're destined to fail at ezine publishing, take note ofrepparttar following 7 points. How many of these mistakes are you making right now?

1. Don't collect names from your website(s)

Are you familiar with pop-ups? Some hate them, some love them, some feel that they are intrusive and annoying. Bottom line, they bring in subscribers. So why wouldn't you use them?

There are a number of resources for pop-up scripts online. Go to Google.com and type in "pop-up scripts". If you're a non-techie, here's a good affordable pop-up system that can be auto-configured for you in less than 8 minutes:

http://www.ezineannouncer.com/oia.html AOL Click Here

2. Don't personally connect with your audience

There's nothing worse than a dull, boring, "plain jane" ezine. Readers want to knowrepparttar 124296 *real* you. If you have any hobbies or interests, tell your readers. If you're a big Chicago Cubs fan, let your readers know. But use your head and keep it in context.

3. Don't publish *fresh* content

Keep your content fresh. Don't userepparttar 124297 same old articles that have been kicking around online for 8 months. It's disappointing to your readers and they'll quickly lose interest (or worse, unsubscribe!).

4. Don't tell your readers what to do

If you don't tell your readers what to do, they'll do exactly that -- nothing!

Send your readers to a webpage. Recommend that they buy a product that you personally endorse. Suggest that they sign up for a free report. Ask them to pass along your ezine to their friends, associates, etc.

If you provide quality content and personally connect with your readers, they already trust you. When this happens, many of them will immediately act on your recommendations.

5. Don't personalize your email communications

Johnny Appleseed ... A Lesson In Sowing And Reaping

Written by John Colanzi

Rememberrepparttar story of Johnny Appleseed? Good old Johnny would travel from place to place sowing apple seeds.

As soon as he planted seeds in one place he'd move on and begin again.

Ezine writing is a lot like that. The seeds are our articles and we reap traffic, new subscribers and sales.

So what lessons can we learn from Johnny Appleseed?

1. Don't expect immediate results.

Imagine if Johnny sat and waited for each of his seeds to take root. He wouldn't have covered much ground.

Keep sending out your articles, don't wait for individual results.

2. Don't try to determine ahead of times which articles will get a good response.

When planting apple seeds John knew some would take root and others wouldn't. He didn't know which ones to plant.

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