7 Valuable Ezine Content Tips

Written by Ken Hill

1. Provide a list of resources.

You could list your 10 favorite business sites along with a brief description of what each site offers.

You could do also some research to find sites that would be of value to your readers, and then list each site along with an overview of what they provide.

2. Provide your top 7 or top 10 tips on a subject.

You could write up your top 10 web promotion tips or your top 7 tips for new bloggers.

You could also provide your top 10 mistakes (i.e., Top 10 Ad Writing Mistakes) along with your solutions to each of these common problems.

3. Do an e-mail interview.

E-mail interviews are easy to put together and will provide your readers with relevant information.

Your interview could be in traditional article format or you could userepparttar Q & A format for your interview.

Tip: For a great article on this subject visit: http://netpromarketer.com/ezinequeen23.html

4. Write a how to article.

Your how to article should solve a common problem your target audience faces.

For example, if your target audience is ezine publishers, your how to article could show your readers step by step how they can get more new subscribers or how they can create winning content.

Designing Your Nonprofit Organizations' E-zine

Written by Heidi Richards, MS

E-ZINES - The alternative of choice for many organizations are a great way to market yours. All you need is an e-mail account and permission from your stakeholders to sendrepparttar e-zine. In fact, I have found e-zines to be so powerful that I write and produce five a month. They are:

Self-Marketing News - a marketing newsletter for small to mid sized businesses

PetalsNCents - a marketing newsletter forrepparttar 136359 floral industry

Creating A Legacy - a newsletter forrepparttar 136360 nonprofit community, and

Ramblin' Rose - a newsletter for my retail customers.

WECommerce News - a newsletter for Women Who do Business onrepparttar 136361 web

The first thing you must do is collect your customers/clients e-mail addresses. We collect them when they call, visit my retail business, answer surveys, or enter our contests. We ask for an e-mail address every time we have interaction with them.

Formatting your E-zine

Keep it basicallyrepparttar 136362 same from issue to issue. Consistency inrepparttar 136363 format – can apply to many marketing strategies onrepparttar 136364 web. That includes keeping it consistent withrepparttar 136365 colors and look of your website to consistent categories in your newsletter. Consistency helps your stakeholders understand what is coming next – so they continue to look forward to receiving it.

Test new strategies with your newsletter – but you also need to keep certain things similar so that you do not confuse your stakeholders. This will decreaserepparttar 136366 amount of un-subscribes you will receive.

Length and frequency of delivery – Make it easy to read and brief. The length of your e-zine will depend onrepparttar 136367 frequency in which you publish. If you publish your e-zine once a month including two to three articles isrepparttar 136368 norm, however if you publish on a daily or weekly basis, then I recommend only one short article and or a tip. Too much or too little content will quickly drive readers away.

Subject Line – The subject line of your e-zine should be consistent. You can userepparttar 136369 name of your e-zine, your organization or another catchy title. The main thing is to userepparttar 136370 same subject line with each issue.

Table of Contents – "Table of Contents" or “In this Issue” should appear atrepparttar 136371 beginning ofrepparttar 136372 e-zine. This to let people know what is in this issue. Most people scanrepparttar 136373 table of contents see if there is an article that interests them..

Categories – Should remainrepparttar 136374 same from issue to issue. They could include:

Editor's or Executive Directors Remarks – A great place to welcome people and thank them for their support.

One to three articles – Lead withrepparttar 136375 most important or interesting article. This will get people to readrepparttar 136376 rest of your e-zine.

Volunteer recognition and Thank-you’s

What's New inrepparttar 136377 organization – Such as events and happenings.

Resources – Things your readers would appreciate receiving such as complimentary reports, notices about upcoming seminars that would be of benefit to them as well as a book review or two are great items to put inrepparttar 136378 resource section of your e-zine.

Advertising and Sponsorship Support – Here’s where you thank your supporters ofrepparttar 136379 organization and advertisers of your e-zine. Getting sponsors and advertisers to put ads in your e-zine can make it cost you virtually nothing to produce. One word of caution, followrepparttar 136380 80/20 rule so people won’t feel that all you are trying to do is sell them something – that means your e-zine should be 80 content and nor more than 20% advertising.

Questions, Comments, Reader feedback – A great place to answer stakeholders questions that other may also be interested in knowing, comments and by all means any testimonials you receive from your readers.

General Information – How to contactrepparttar 136381 organization, subscribe, unsubscribe, refer others torepparttar 136382 organization, privacy statement and how to supportrepparttar 136383 e-zine or organization.

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