7 Tips to Simplify Your Life

Written by Barbara Myers

7 Tips to Simplify Your Life by Barbara Myers 1. De-clutter. Begin by grabbing an empty shopping bag. Walk around your home. Fillrepparttar bag with anything you don't use or love. Placerepparttar 131062 bag in your car and drop it off at a charitable organization. Repeat weekly.

2. Control your time. Reduce obligations. Learn to say no more often. Even one fewer activity per week can allow you some down time.

3. Do without. Stop impulse purchases. Each item you buy costs more thanrepparttar 131063 purchase price. Consider upkeep costs in both time and dollars.

Traits of Intuitive People

Written by Susan Dunn, Coach

From an extensive study of intuitive people done by Belleruth Naparstek and cited in "Your 6th Sense," these arerepparttar traits intuitive people are most likely to have.

1. A woman over 40 with an advanced degree in one ofrepparttar 131060 mental health professions.

2. Says she was born with psychic ability and can point out a parent or grandparent who displayed a lot of it too.

3. Tendency toward bilateral dominance (two-handedness or two sidedness).

4. More than likely an only child.

5. Tendency to be a night owl and sleep very little with frequent interruptions in sleep.

6. Presence of some talent and experience inrepparttar 131061 arts, often in more than one modality (music, dance, art, theater, poetry, design, etc.).

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