7 Tips for Growing Your Business You Do Not Want to Ignore:

Written by Kay Graham-Gilbert

Growing companies must always be ready forrepparttar next challenge. If you fail in meeting critical business challenges you will not grow. Challenges often require some type of breakthrough. But do not be misled. A business breakthrough does not have to be something no one has thought of – it just needs to be a solution to your problem that you can act on now. Breakthroughs may involve simply findingrepparttar 119459 solution to a common, nagging problem or it may be nurturing a more complex way of thinking. We all must be ready and observant of breakthrough opportunities. What keeps us from moving forward can easily be overcome by incorporating one or all ofrepparttar 119460 following tips. There is nothing magical about growing a business – it just takesrepparttar 119461 right effort.

Tip #1 Encourage sales training that is not selling

Insist on learning from all personnel beyond their functional area. Learning should not be limited to top managers. Yes, employees may receive a lot of training, but it is usually limited to how to do their job. The more they know and understand general business concepts and specific operational issues,repparttar 119462 easier it is to provide input and answers to business challenges. This does not mean that everyone needs to become experts in strategy, leadership, finances, marketing, sales, operations, distribution … but as they learn a little about each category and then more inrepparttar 119463 areas that interest them,repparttar 119464 better able they will be to provide a valuable contribution. Do not encourage sales personnel to only learn about selling. Remember that learning comes in all forms and does not have to be provided byrepparttar 119465 organization – reading publications, taking seminars, listening to subject matter authorities, observingrepparttar 119466 successful etc.

Tip #2 It is not about your weaknesses

We tend to concentrate on what is wrong and ignore what is right. It is surprising how many managers are unable to identifyrepparttar 119467 top three strengths of their organization. If you have not uncoveredrepparttar 119468 company’s true strengths - what you do better than most - then how can you take these strengths and apply them to other aspects ofrepparttar 119469 operation? Knowing your strengths is justrepparttar 119470 beginning. Understanding how you got there and why you are able to excel in a particular area is what will allow you to duplicate these assets. This should not be limited torepparttar 119471 “top” strengths ofrepparttar 119472 organization. Break down what you do well by division, function, even by individual. Share with others and teach where necessary. Be fruitful and multiply – applying your strengths to all aspects of your business.

Tip #3 Mine your existing resources

This may berepparttar 119473 most overlooked gem of business success. We are too quick to just purchase a new gadget or hire more staff or obtain outside counsel without fully utilizingrepparttar 119474 talent and resources at hand. It is essential to evaluate your existing resources. Where is there an opportunity to leverage what you have? Could your IT system be used to collect needed data? Is there a way to get existing data in a format that will assist decision-making? Does your IT system already containrepparttar 119475 information? You getrepparttar 119476 idea. Untapped resources are not limited to IT systems. How you utilize manpower, square footage, product development, meetings, call centers… all are potential areas for performance improvement and growth. Tip #4 Automate

A Lasting Leadership Lesson: George Washington's Greatest Leadership Talk

Written by Brent Filson

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Summary: The most important victory ofrepparttar 119459 Revolutionary War was not achieved at Saratoga or Yorktown, but in a log hut in 1783 when George Washington put an end to a rebellion by his troops by giving a soft-spoken "Leadership Talk".

A Lasting Leadership Lesson: How One Leadership Talk By George Washington Saved The Revolution (And Our Fledgling Nation) From Catastrophe. By Brent Filson

Leadership lessons come in many guises. One unforgettable lesson comes from George Washington and his contribution torepparttar 119460 most important victory ofrepparttar 119461 Revolutionary War.

That victory occurred neither at Saratoga or Yorktown but in a log hut in 1783 with a few heartfelt words that literally changedrepparttar 119462 world. And it's not just a history lesson, it's a leadership lesson -- for all leaders.

To realize what took place in that hut and its historical importance, we must understand what a Leadership Talk is and what was at stake at that moment in 1783 for America?

As torepparttar 119463 Leadership Talk: There's a big difference between speeches/presentations on one hand and Leadership Talks onrepparttar 119464 other. Whereas a speech or a presentation communicates information, Leadership Talks do something more: It establishes a deep, human, emotional connection withrepparttar 119465 audience.

The Leadership Talk is a much more effective means of leadership communication. If Washington hadn't given a Leadership Talk inrepparttar 119466 log hut with this assembled officers, who were onrepparttar 119467 verge of revolt,repparttar 119468 Revolution would have ended right then and there; andrepparttar 119469 history of America would have been far different.

As to what was at stake at that moment in history: This occurred a year and a half afterrepparttar 119470 battle of Yorktown. Popular misconception hasrepparttar 119471 Revolutionary War ending at that battle. However, in reality,repparttar 119472 War continued to drag on; and as it did,repparttar 119473 Continental Army became increasingly rebellious. Most ofrepparttar 119474 troops hadn't been paid in at least two years. Their promised pensions were not forthcoming. Popular sentiment inrepparttar 119475 army was gathering to overthrowrepparttar 119476 Continental Congress and install a military government.

Onrepparttar 119477 ides of March in 1783, dozens of officers, representing every company inrepparttar 119478 army, met in a log hut to vote on taking this action when George Washington suddenly and unexpectedly walked in. He gave a speech denouncingrepparttar 119479 rebellious course they were on. But it wasn'trepparttar 119480 speech that carriedrepparttar 119481 day; it wasrepparttar 119482 Leadership Talk atrepparttar 119483 end ofrepparttar 119484 speech. Witnesses report that Washington's speech left many officers unconvinced, and when he was finished, there was much angry muttering among them. To bolster his case,repparttar 119485 general pulled out a letter he recently received from a member ofrepparttar 119486 Continental Congress. As he began reading, his usual confident air gave way to hesitancy.

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