7 Tips To Reduce Menstrual Cramps

Written by Van Whitsett

Did you know that menstrual cramps isrepparttar single greatest cause of lost school and working hours among women?

Also known as dysmenorrhea, menstrual cramps arerepparttar 150025 cause of an estimated 140 million hours of lost school and work. However, you do not have to live in pain. Below are some helpful tips that can help women during this particularly painful time ofrepparttar 150026 month.

1. Try to eat smaller, more frequent meals. A lot of food causes blood sugar to rise and fluctuate. instead of eating three large meals, eat five or six small meals a day, each about two and a half hours apart.

2. Exercise. Exercise can help alleviate menstrual cramps by raisingrepparttar 150027 level of beta-endorphins, which are chemicals inrepparttar 150028 brain associated with pain relief. Studies have shown that beta endorphins have a positive effect on mood and behavior.

3. Try an overrepparttar 150029 counter Ibuprofen. Advil, Nuprin, and Motrin IB all contain Ibuprofen, which is one ofrepparttar 150030 best pain relievers around. 200 milligrams every four to six hours isrepparttar 150031 recommended dosage, or twice that if symptoms warrant.

Find Out About Fashion Guru Cavalli

Written by Sher Matsen

Roberto Cavalli was born on November 15th, 1940 in Italy. He came from a modest family with strong artistic talents and traditions. His grandfather had been an impressionist painter, his mother a tailor .

Cavalli began his career as a young student. Himself and his friend invented, experimented and designed. His first revolutionary creation was a process of printing on light-weight leather. His print house was a cross between a craftsman's workshop and an artist's studio. He was able to accomplish this because of his detailed fabric research and his continuous experimenting with different technologies. Eventually Cavalli patentedrepparttar process of printing on leather. Overrepparttar 150024 next ten years he created what’s known as “patchwork” or “patch quilt” a result of sewing together odd pieces of leather together. Duringrepparttar 150025 1970’s Roberto Cavalli gained international recognition, This wasrepparttar 150026 true beginning of his career.

In 1972 Roberto Cavalli showed his first collection inrepparttar 150027 historic White Room of Palazzo Pitti in Florence which led to a real scandal. Onrepparttar 150028 catwalk his models were wearing patchwork on denim. Denim was a fabric that was highly disregarded byrepparttar 150029 straight-laced. A scorpio true to heart, Cavalli simply refused to bow torepparttar 150030 dictatorship ofrepparttar 150031 prevailing fashion. Rather he chose to run as an outsider defending his creativity allrepparttar 150032 way.

Inrepparttar 150033 early 1990s Roberto Cavalli withrepparttar 150034 assistance of his wife Eva Duringer, relaunched his challenge torepparttar 150035 fashion system. He took his catwalk extravaganza to MilanoCollezioni. Overrepparttar 150036 years he has expanded and as well as his Womenswear collection, new lines have been launched: Menswear, Just Cavalli a line for youngsters, Underwear, Class which is a knitwear collection, Freedom his casual line, Eyewear, Timewear, Angels for children 4-14) and Homewear.

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