7 Tips I Wish I Had Known 6 Months Ago About Online Marketing

Written by Laurie Meade

7 Tips I Wish I Had Known 6 Months Ago About Online Marketing

(c) by Laurie Meade

1---The importance of a schedule and staying focused. Keeping on task. schedule promotions Plan and make a task schedule for project ideas. schedule purchases -- (don't buy on impulse,repparttar offer will still be there in a day or so!) schedule time -- (remember to schedule time for family members as well :o) schedule breaks fromrepparttar 117412 computer -- (not just physical breaks, take your mind of your business and have some fun --, you'll be more fresh and productive when you go back to work!)

2---The importance and value of keeping good records, Financial Promotional Backing Up Files Affiliate Information Passwords Contacts

3--- Don't try and run an online business with AOL. I personally have nothing against AOL It is a great service forrepparttar 117413 computer illiterate newbie. However, once you getrepparttar 117414 basics down, you can be much more productive with a different ISP. AOL does not allow you to filter emailrepparttar 117415 way it needs to be filtered.

When I was doing my business through AOL, I sometimes would be dealing with over 500 emails a day. No way to send them to different folders as in Outlook Express, MailWasher or many other email programs. Unless they have drastically changed things in Version 8, it is one ofrepparttar 117416 few that doesn't work with third party email programs. This just leads to wasted time and frustration.

4--- Speaking of wasted time.

Get a DSL hook up.

The extra cost is worth it inrepparttar 117417 matter of time saved. Instantaneous downloads.

Web pages that come in as fast asrepparttar 117418 click of a mouse.

It means more productive time spent onrepparttar 117419 computer. More productivity means more money.

5--- Learn what a great tool Yahoo can be. I have read good comments and bad, about Yahoo. All I know is from my own experience. When I first started online, I exchanged a review for a copy of FrontPage 2002. While reviewing it, I put up a "practice site" on geocities. You can visit it here:


I read where you had to have a domain name for people to take you seriously. I agree. However, I learned that a free site is very beneficial to your business as well. Putting links on a free site will bring traffic to your domain name. If you use Geocities.com, it will help you get listed inrepparttar 117420 Yahoo Directory eventually. Two of my pages atrepparttar 117421 above mentioned site, are listed inrepparttar 117422 Yahoo Directory. They are alsorepparttar 117423 two that getrepparttar 117424 most traffic. By putting links on these pages to my other domain names, I can take advantage of all that free traffic.

You will also able to access this site from any computer, even when yours is down.

You can start and manage groups easily. I loverepparttar 117425 convenience of running AutoResponse Plus right at my website. However, having a group to promote articles on Yahoo, makes more sense. Once someone has signed up for one Yahoo Group, it is a simple click of a button to add other groups.

86400 Seconds a Day

Written by Jordan Francis

'86400 Seconds A Day' By Jordan Francis

"Time is a bit like money, you have to spend it wisely".

Guess what you had today? It'srepparttar same as what you hadrepparttar 117411 day before, and I guarantee you will getrepparttar 117412 same tomorrow. As you may have already guessed fromrepparttar 117413 title alone...

You got 86400 seconds.

Whether it's work or in front ofrepparttar 117414 telly, you WILL spend that time.

It does not matter whether you chat to your friends, or eat your food, or stare in to space. Those 86400 seconds will count down regardless.

You can't save 'time' up and spend it another day - you can't have more than 86400 seconds in one day. You can't pause it, and you can't avoid it!

The time you had yesterday is now gone - you will never be able to spend that time again, ever.

If it's inrepparttar 117415 past, then it has vanished. Onlyrepparttar 117416 present time can you use,repparttar 117417 rest you either plan for or you reflect on.

Wouldn't it be nice to reflect on time well spent?

"You can't control time, but you can control what you do within time..."

Succeeding in any thing in life including business online relies heavily on 'time', and how efficiently you use it.

I used to spend every available minute online learning what I could, setting up sites, writing sales copy and editing autoresponder's.

I spent an unhealthy amount of time working and I will tell you now - It was not worth it! My health suffered, and although I did learn a lot, I could have learned even more if I had spent my time more efficiently.

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