7 Tips For Ad Copy That Sizzles

Written by Ruth Duda

Your ad must focus onrepparttar wants and desires of your prospects. What are their problems? What are their goals? What are their needs? Tell them how YOUR product or service can benefit them. Be as specific as possible!

1) The Headline.

Thisrepparttar 101033 most important part of your ad! It'srepparttar 101034 first thing your prospect sees. A killer headline can makerepparttar 101035 difference between success and failure.

If you can't come up with a good headline, checkrepparttar 101036 ads in magazines and newspapers. Find a headline that grabs your attention and customize it to your product or service!

2) Focus on Those Benefits.

The features may be good, but it'srepparttar 101037 benefits that makerepparttar 101038 sale! Instead of stressing what your product can do, tell your reader "how" it will benefit them. People always want to know, "What's in it for me?" Will it make them smarter, richer, slimmer, healthier?

3) Keep Sentences Short and Simple.

People are busy and they won't spendrepparttar 101039 time to wade through long, complicated ad copy. Short ads get read! Long ads hitrepparttar 101040 trash bin. Use bullet lists to condense your information and make reading easier.

Making Your Free Ads Work For You!

Written by Kristy A. Taylor

Advertising needn't be expensive, and for those inrepparttar know; advertising can also be free. But occasionally your 'free' ads can get lost inrepparttar 101032 e-zine jungle. And, unfortunately, many people misuse their free ads. By 'misuse' I mean; do not word their ads appropriately. How many times have you seenrepparttar 101033 exact same ad forrepparttar 101034 exact same product? Probably too many times. Why would you want to risk having your ad placed directly underneath somebody else's ad that is exactlyrepparttar 101035 same as yours?

The best way to use, not misuse, your ad is to use a two-step system. Don't userepparttar 101036 advertising material thatrepparttar 101037 affiliate program has supplied. Why? Because it will berepparttar 101038 same material that every other affiliate will be using. Try to write your own ads. Don't worry about inventing that eye catching headline and having those action generating words, leave all that hype torepparttar 101039 so-called experts.

One ofrepparttar 101040 most effectively worded ads is an ad that is clear and straightforward. There's no need to hide your product underneath an ALL CAPS heading, a lot of BS promises and finally a URL that is as long as my grandma's knitting yarn. Ultimately you want to aim for a short two-liner. Why? Because it will be quicker to read and it will stand out from all ofrepparttar 101041 5 to 8 liners. Most ofrepparttar 101042 longer ads disguiserepparttar 101043 actual product with a lot of fancy words, only to haverepparttar 101044 prospect 'click away' within 5 seconds of reachingrepparttar 101045 site, because: 'they've seen it before'. That's an instant loss. You don't even get a chance to capturerepparttar 101046 prospects' details.

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