7 Things You Can Do To Weather The Lows Of A Business Cycle

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

Hey, as hard as this may be for you to swallow, business online is no different than a business on Main Street in your home town or city. We have good times and we have slow times.

It is quite obvious what we do when our eBusinesses are experiencingrepparttar high times, we are pretty pumped up and of course very happy. When times are slow though that is a totally different story.

Many people don't understand that we do have high's and low's that is just a fact of business. It is what you do duringrepparttar 144124 low's that is quite a different story and below you will find some tips which you can take and use to weatherrepparttar 144125 low's:

1. Look Through Your Idea File - EVERY business owner should implement an Idea File, I don't care if you are an affiliate for a program, run an ad co-op, sell gift items, or offer a service... you NEED an IDEA FILE in your life. From time to time you are going to see something that some other business is using and you want to try. Rip it out ofrepparttar 144126 magazine, print it out, write a note and includerepparttar 144127 web site address, do whatever it will take for you to remember it and put it in this file. When times are slow, go through this file and see if there is an idea from that file that you can take and implement. If it was an eCourse then take repparttar 144128 time and rewrite it and get it out there pulling for you. If it was an ad andrepparttar 144129 headline really got your attention, then use it and get it out there.

2. READ/LEARN - Takerepparttar 144130 time out to read an eBook that you purchased but just haven't hadrepparttar 144131 chance to get to. Now isrepparttar 144132 time for it. By reading it, it does two things for you:

1. You are learning a new concept that you can turn around and use in your ebusiness.

2. Believe it or not and of course depending onrepparttar 144133 type of eBook it will spark ideas for you. If you are given an example for a specific tactic you'll be surprised atrepparttar 144134 ideas that will coming out at you. (Psst...when they hit you, always have a pencil with you so you can write them time immediately and add them to your "Idea File")

If You Build It...They Will Come... But Then What?

Written by Denise Ryder

Ask any Marketing Guru and they will all agree...

"It's notrepparttar quantity of traffic that your site receives, it'srepparttar 144123 quality and how you turn that "visitor" into a buyer."

You know yourself there are tons of eBooks, eCourses and Reports covering how to write a profit pulling sales letter. Will that guarantee sales? There are no guarantees, however, yes, a good sales letter will definitely flip some of your visitors into buyers :o) But...

What aboutrepparttar 144124 visitors who don't buy right then?

Many of my clients have said "Well, that's ok, I've asked them to bookmark repparttar 144125 site and come back because I am constantly adding new things or new offers."

Great idea! I strongly suggest you always encourage a visitor to bookmark your site...however, stop and ask yourself two questions?

1. Do you want to leave it to chance that your visitor will actually bookmark your site?

2. Is there something I can put into place that will not leave it to chance?

The answer to question one...No. Of course some may bookmark, but don't rely on it. Put yourself in their shoes, when you surf, do you bookmark on a regular basis? No, so why would you think others are any different???

The answer to question two...Yes, it's easy and you can put it intorepparttar 144126 works immediately!

Immediate sales that your site generates is Fantastic! However, don't lose sight of those who visit, but aren't ready to buy, just yet. Those too can be flipped into buyers, they just need a little more time.

So, how do you do it? What tactic do you put into place, that will keep you site inrepparttar 144127 mind of that visitor?

You offer a Report, eCourse or eBook that they can download forrepparttar 144128 price of their email address.

Not just any Report or eCourse either. One that is quality driven that, they can take an apply either in THEIR own business, or depending upon your site, will give them information that is of value to THEM.

Let me give you two examples of what I mean.

First, you are a member of an affiliate program. Some visitor's will read your letter and sign up onrepparttar 144129 spot some won't. You don't want to loserepparttar 144130 ones who won't, so you offer a free Report that they, once they provide their email address, will receive immediately.

You already know who your target market is...people who want to make money online. So you offer a Report or eCourse with that focus. They receive your 3-Day Report or 7-Day eCourse and now you are building rapport and trust. They like your information, have begun to trust you and through that consistent contact you are building a relationship. You have their email address and even after they have receivedrepparttar 144131 full Report/eCourse you can continue to follow up until they:

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