7 Steps to success

Written by Clare Lawrence

7 Steps to success By Clare Lawrence

Every webmaster wants a successful site, if you follow this step by step guide you’ll do well.

Step 1

Search engines such as Google return web pages, based on keyword or key phrase searches. Your first step therefore is to decide which keywords you want to target. Your choice needs to reflect what your target audience is likely to input.

Once you’ve selected your keywords then you need to use them on your pages, an ideal density to use aim for is 5% i.e. your key phrases should appear 5 times per 100 words.

You can use different keywords on different pages, but try to focus on only one or two key phrases per page.

Step 2 – Headings and Tags

Use your key phrases first in your title, description and keyword tag. Shorter tags are more focused than longer ones.

If you can, also make use of your key phrases using Heading 1,2, & 3.

Step 3 – Submit your site torepparttar leading directories. I recommend.

- DMOZ - Yahoo (paid) - Gimpsy - Allthebizz.com - MSN small business directory - Joeant - Smallerbizz.com - Business.com - Bluefind.com - Wowdirectory.com

Links and search engines

Written by Clare Lawrence

Links and search engines

By Clare Lawrence 29th September 2003 Clare isrepparttar CEO of Discount Domains Ltd a leading UK Domain name registration service.

What is linking? Linking involves linking your websitesite to another withrepparttar 127885 aim increasing traffic and directingrepparttar 127886 web visitors to other interesting content.

How can link popularity be improved?

The following are all worth considering

1) Trade links with other Web sites.

Make sure thatrepparttar 127887 Web sites you trade links with haverepparttar 127888 same target audience, but not direct competition.

2) Pay to get your link on other Web sites.

3)Fair trading; present their link inrepparttar 127889 same way they present your link.

4) Use links from other sites to give people something extra when they visit your Web site.

5) Submit an article to a web site that would be interested in publishing it on their site. Just have them hyperlink your Web site address atrepparttar 127890 bottom of your article.

6)Use your associate program to get a link on other Web sites. Tellrepparttar 127891 Web site owner he or she could make extra income if they link to your site.

7) Join a link exchange service to get your link on other Web sites. Be careful to avoid "Spam sites"

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