7 Steps To "Resale Rights" Riches

Written by Michael Hopkins

Even if you never write a word of your own, you can still earn plenty of money inrepparttar lucrative ebook business.

Many ebook authors include full, royalty-free resale rights with some of their products. This means that, when you buy their ebooks, you can use them for yourself and also sell them to others -- keeping 100% ofrepparttar 108464 profits.

By doing this,repparttar 108465 author ofrepparttar 108466 ebook benefits in two ways:   1. He/she increasesrepparttar 108467 value ofrepparttar 108468 ebook torepparttar 108469   potential customer and, therefore, makes more sales   (at least inrepparttar 108470 short term).   2. By being sold across a number of websites,repparttar 108471   ebook will ultimately reach more people thus   increasingrepparttar 108472 author's profile and credibility and   bringing more website traffic from links included in  repparttar 108473 ebook.

At least halfrepparttar 108474 websites out there that generate huge incomes from ebooks sell no 'original' titles of their own. They sell ebooks written by others -- ebooks with resale rights.

Whether you're already involved inrepparttar 108475 ebook business or not, reselling other people's ebooks can be an excellent way to generate steady profits. Get in early on a 'hot new title' and you can really rake in a massive amount of money in a very short length of time.

Here's a good approach to getting started:

STEP 1 As soon as you hear aboutrepparttar 108476 latest hot new ebook visitrepparttar 108477 website.

STEP 2 Onrepparttar 108478 website evaluaterepparttar 108479 ebook with these criteria in mind:   1. Doesrepparttar 108480 price include full resale rights?   2. Doesrepparttar 108481 deal include a full copy ofrepparttar 108482 sales page   complete with graphics?   3. Isrepparttar 108483 sales page good? (Does is really make YOU   WANTrepparttar 108484 product? If it doesn't work for you, it probably   won't work for others).   4. Isrepparttar 108485 order handled by ClickBank? (see STEP 4 below   forrepparttar 108486 reason this can be important)   5. Will your existing visitors or subscribers be interested   in this ebook (or do you think you can easily reachrepparttar 108487 right target market)?

STEP 3 Go to a few major search engines like Google.com or AltaVista.com and run a search forrepparttar 108488 ebook title. Are there a lot of websites already sellingrepparttar 108489 book? If yes, then it's been around for a while and you may not makerepparttar 108490 big surge in income you'd expect from a brand new ebook. However, this is also an indication that it's popular, so it may be a good one to consider for more moderate, medium-term profits.

STEP 4 Once you've established that this ebook looks like a winner, it's time to get your own copy for resale.

Many books that come with resale rights also come withrepparttar 108491 right to redistribute it for free. Be sure to check your search engine results (above) to verify if there are any websites giving it away for free (even if it means subscribing to a newsletter, or whatever). Make sure you getrepparttar 108492 sales page and allrepparttar 108493 other stuff you'd get if you were paying for it. If you do find a free version, then jump to STEP 5 below.

E-books are for E-veryone!

Written by Terri Seymour

One ofrepparttar best ways to build your online income is by writing & distributing ebooks. Ebooks can be a very effective tool for marketing your business and they can also be big money makers. Ebooks are also a useful resource for whatever information you are looking for.

There are a few things you should remember if you are going to write an ebook.

1. Just as your ezine should not be a giant ad, nor should your ebook. Be sure to fill it full of useful and valuable information.

2. Your ebook should be compiled in a simple, yet professional design. Make your ebook look good, but do not overdo. Make sure people can maneuver aroundrepparttar 108463 book with ease.

3. Takerepparttar 108464 time to dorepparttar 108465 research and write an effective and informative ebook. Your ebook will be circulating aroundrepparttar 108466 web and will say a great deal about you and your business.

4. Ebooks are a great giveaway for your visitors and/or subscribers. Everyone is looking for useful information which can be found in ebooks.

5. You should always use your first ebook as a giveaway. This will entice more people to read your ebook, which in turn will get more people to see how good it is. When you do write your first ebook to sell, you will have already established your reputation for writing a useful and informative ebook.

6. You do not have to be a writer to write an ebook. Just as with articles, all you need to do is gather, organize and outline your information. Always add resources and links when applicable. A good ebook for giveaway can be as simple as a collection of your articles orrepparttar 108467 articles of other authors.

7. After you have written all your ebook pages and contained them all in a folder, you will need to compile them intorepparttar 108468 actual ebook. This you do with an ebook compiler and only takes a few minutes. There are some free compilers and some that are not. I have checked out several ebook compilers and would personally recommend Ebook EditPro. It costs a bit, but was very simple to use and did a fast and effective job. Look for link in resource box.

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