7 Smart Ezine Publishing Tips To Cultivate Your Success

Written by Ken Hill

1. Use autoresponders to deliver sample issues of your ezine to your visitors.

Your sample issues will help you to increaserepparttar number of your visitors that subscribe to your ezine by showing them firsthand that your ezine offers valuable information.

2. Promoterepparttar 124219 products of affiliate programs you've joined to your subscribers by creating a recommended resources section, by endorsing their products, or by placing ads within your ezine for their products.

3. Create an "Ask The Editor" section where you answer questions that you get from your subscribers.

This will help you to increase your subscribers' trust in you which will lead to more sales of your products. It will also help you to strengthenrepparttar 124220 power of your recommendations to your subscriber base by demonstrating your expertise.

4. Listen torepparttar 124221 feedback you get from your subscribers.

Your subscriber feedback can be invaluable in showing you what's working well for your ezine. Their feedback will not only tell you what to keep doing, but can also give you good ideas about new things to try.

The negative feedback you get from your subscribers can also help you in a positive way by showing you what needs to be changed or what things could be made better.

5. Write articles.

Your articles will give your ezine a personal touch, help you to showcase your expertise, and give you a profitable way to promote your business through your promotional or resource box atrepparttar 124222 end of your articles.

The Uygur: Friendless in the Turkic World?

Written by Stephen Sullivan

The Uygur people of Xinjiang China are in really a very unenviable position.

They do not wear saffron robes and are not Buddhists (or at least not any more) so they do not attractrepparttar attention ofrepparttar 124218 Richard Gere's of this world asrepparttar 124219 Tibetans do. Somehow after "9/11" being Muslim does not elicit a lot of world sympathy.

They live under a regime whose censorship laws are so harsh that you could be imprisoned ( and possibly worse) for handing out leaflets that are anyway negative ofrepparttar 124220 state. So, they can not effectively getrepparttar 124221 message of their plight torepparttar 124222 outside world.

They live in a country that is onrepparttar 124223 verge of an economic boom which has allrepparttar 124224 capitalists "free" nations aroundrepparttar 124225 world almost salivating to get a part ofrepparttar 124226 bone and who are willing to bury any scruples or ignore any "minor issues" of human right abuses to do so.

Butrepparttar 124227 Uygur are a Turkic people and until fairly recently that meant something important to them. They had a worldwide brotherhood of "kinsmen" stretching fromrepparttar 124228 Central Asian plateaus through torepparttar 124229 Caucuses and to Turkey. Among these "brothers" they sought solace, moral support and inspiration. In many instances their lives where saved by being able to step overrepparttar 124230 borders of Xinjiang intorepparttar 124231 neighbouring Turkic nations. Generations of Uygur intelligentsia have looked to Turkey for inspiration as leaders and supporters.

However, as recent new articles attest, this is no longerrepparttar 124232 case. Where, once they sought and received a shoulder, nowrepparttar 124233 Uygur may face a fist. Where once they may have sought sanctuary more than likely now they will be marched back torepparttar 124234 borders and forcibly repatriated no matter what their possible fate. Where once in Turkey they had parks named after their nationalist leaders nowrepparttar 124235 Uygur organisations in diaspora are refusedrepparttar 124236 right to hold peaceful international meetings.

This then isrepparttar 124237 reality of Central Asian and Turkish politics today where "brothers" can be ignored.

Is it becauserepparttar 124238 Uygurs are international terrorists? Do they pose a threat to regional peace and safety? No, it is no more than a desire by these nations to curry favour withrepparttar 124239 Chinese.

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