"7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales!" Part 4

Written by Bluedolphin Crow

Secret #4: Creating passionate articles will explode your eBook sales!

Copyright 2004 Bluedolphin Crow - All Rights Reserved.


Allrepparttar experts finally agreed on something. Writing articles about your eBook can be one ofrepparttar 108374 most successful ways of eMarketing.

However, one ofrepparttar 108375 biggest problems on online is learning how to write a great article. You should not just type any old thing and call it an article.

First, you must put your passion, your personality intorepparttar 108376 article. In addition here are some steps to follow to explode your eBook sales using free articles.

Step 1: Generate an article idea that everyone will want to read about. Review your eBook and look for repparttar 108377 benefits that your eBook provides torepparttar 108378 readers. Make a list of these benefits.

Now, take one benefit at a time and create an article. This will assure you of generating an article idea that people want to read about.

Step 2: Write a simple outline. Once you have your first benefit idea selected. Take another sheet of paper and write a simple outline for that idea. This will give yourepparttar 108379 beginning content for your article. Later we will "fill inrepparttar 108380 blanks" of this simple outline to createrepparttar 108381 article itself.

Step 3: Choose a killer title that will draw attention. This is one ofrepparttar 108382 most important aspects of your article. Without a killer title, your article will be passed over for another.

Now what do I mean killer title? What I mean is a title that has a benefit stated in it and draws peoples attention.

Answer these three questions to help you write that killer title.

1.Doesrepparttar 108383 title draw a reader to take a look?

2.Doesrepparttar 108384 title promise to solve a need for repparttar 108385 reader?

3.Doesrepparttar 108386 title offer specific information?

Another way to start writing killer titles is to write at least 20 to 100 titles for each article to start. Then review other people's article titles. Then review your list and select your best killer title. I will tell you from my own experience thatrepparttar 108387 more titles I write for an article,repparttar 108388 better my title becomes. I have never used any ofrepparttar 108389 first few titles when doingrepparttar 108390 above exercise.

Step 4:

Grab your readers with an attention-grabbing opening sentence. You can use either a statement or a question here. The idea here is to not only grabrepparttar 108391 readers' attention. It's also to keep it.

The best way I have learned to write an attention-grabbing opening sentence is to go online to an article directory and readrepparttar 108392 opening sentences to articles with a similar topic. I then discover which opening sentences are attention-grabbing and which are not.

Once I've done this I find it really easy to get my attention-grabbing sentence out ofrepparttar 108393 way.

Step 5: Staterepparttar 108394 primary purpose ofrepparttar 108395 article by introducing a problem. By looking at your main benefit again you can turn it around into a problem. What is it like withoutrepparttar 108396 benefit? Here it is best to use a statement rather than a question.

If you are having trouble with this step simply write out an answer to this statement: "One ofrepparttar 108397 biggest problems..." Use this to jar your idea centers in your mind. You can also begin your primary purpose statement this way. Look atrepparttar 108398 beginning of this article for an example.

Step 6: Take outrepparttar 108399 sheet of paper that has your outline on it. Now, write two to four sentences for each part of your outline. Imagine for a moment that a 7 year old has asked you about your article. How would you explain it to that child? Great! Now use that in your article.

Most ezine publishers and owners like articles between 400 to 500 words. They also want it formatted to between 60 and 65 characters per line, including spaces.

Why researching is good, and a failure to do so is not.

Written by Brian Holte

What a lack of research could do to you. by Brian Holte Copyright 2004 August

This article may be re-published as long asrepparttar source box remains. Notification of use would be appreciated.

When creating an ebook how well do you researchrepparttar 108373 topic before hand?

It’s absolutely crucial that you research what problems your target market is having and what they’re spending money on.

The time to pay attention to detail is here.

If you don’t research how will you know what problems exist in your target market, what their recommending for products to try, pay even closer attention torepparttar 108374 dollars involved. Hope fully they’re purchasing pattern will lead into 3 digit numbers.

This is why probing forrepparttar 108375 information you need you’ll be in a better position to analyzerepparttar 108376 information to see if it’s a worthwhile project to start, if not junk it.

Case in point, I recently had a young lad email me and explain he was a first time author of a 30 pg ebook targeted at teenagers.

He realized that because his target market is teenagers and teenagers do not purchase as frequently online as adults do that he was in a bit of a bind.

What was he to do? He’d put a bit of work into his project and knowing what he does now, he has to decide whether to sell or give it away. He needed some positive feedback, nothing to devastating. Instead of targeting students he could alterrepparttar 108377 ebook towards another target market, a market with money to spend and a hunger for his type of info product. Just a little copying, pasting, and editing.

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