"7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales!" Part 3

Written by Bluedolphin Crow

Secret #3: Creating an avalanche of sales with Freeware/Shareware sites:


Freeware/shareware sites provide a unique opportunity to market your eBooks. This type of marketing method allowsrepparttar buyer to try your eBook on their computer before paying for it. You simply password protect part of your eBook.

There are numerous freeware/shareware sites onrepparttar 108377 Internet. Most offer software. There are some, however, which will allow ebooks in EXE format to be listed and sold as software.

After you begin to utilize this avenue of marketing you'll begin to notice a steady stream of sales. Many ofrepparttar 108378 sites also listrepparttar 108379 number of downloads you have had, next torepparttar 108380 title of your eBook listing, making it easy to track your sales.

Unfortunately at this time you cannot upload PDF ebooks, they are considered documents and not software.

One thing you will have to watch out for arerepparttar 108381 sites what charge a fee for listing your ebook.

What I do is list my ebook atrepparttar 108382 free sites first. Then I take some ofrepparttar 108383 profits from those sales and apply it torepparttar 108384 sites that charge a fee.

The sites that charge a fee arerepparttar 108385 larger sites and many people have sold thousands of copies of their ebooks on them.

One more thing to know about freeware/shareware sites. In order to qualify to have your ebook onrepparttar 108386 sites you must be able to give it away for free.

"7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales!" Part 1

Written by Bluedolphin Crow Ph.D.

Secret #1: How to write an incredible eBook!


I shouldn't be telling you this:

One ofrepparttar biggest problems that most eBook writers and sellers face is generating eBook sales. It seems likerepparttar 108376 Internet is full of "ideas" - however, these "ideas" don't seem to be producing results.

Three reasons come to mind:

Reason # 1: eBooks are not marketed effectively.

Reason # 2: eBook sales pages either do not exist, or they do not capturerepparttar 108377 buyers interest.

Reason # 3: The eBook is not written and/or organized well.

So many of us hear aboutrepparttar 108378 big boom in eBook sales. Most of us have read articles and/or eBooks teaching us that we should have our own product out there to be successful.

Well all of that is true. However, whererepparttar 108379 "ideas" fall short of producing results is in all three reasons listed above.

That isrepparttar 108380 reason I am writing this 7 part article series for you. In it you will learn how to correct all three reasons above and much more!

Look at what you'll be learning:

Secret #1: How to write an incredible eBook!

Secret #2: Creating your marketing timeline for long term success!

Secret #3: How to create an avalanche of sales with freeware/shareware sites!

Secret #4: Creating passionate articles will explode your sales!

Secret #5: How to build steady sales for years to come with eBook Directories!

Secret #6: Creating momentum and identity through Book Sellers!

Secret #7: How to create a mountain of sales using multiple Royalty Publishers!

Ok, now there is no time likerepparttar 108381 present. So lets begin:

Secret #1: How to write an incredible eBook!

Why is it essential to you're marketing success to write an incredible eBook?

Gone arerepparttar 108382 days of taking marketing information and regurgitating it in a different manner. Then publishing it as an eBook and moving on.

Today people onrepparttar 108383 web want information. However they are looking for NEW information. New ways of doing things. Notrepparttar 108384 same old, same old, wrapped in a new cover.

So, with this in mind how do you write an incredible eBook you might be wondering?

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