7 Reasons Why You Should be Publishing an Ezine

Written by Merle

Ezines: They're everywhere you look, and for very good reasons. They are an excellent online marketing tool. If you have a website and aren't publishing your own newsletter, I'm going to give you seven very good reasons why you should start.

1) Establishes Trust: When people visit your website, they have no idea who you are. As far as they're concerned you might be some evil person lying in wait, just trying to get your hands on their credit card number so you can run uprepparttar national debt. The media is partially to blame for this unfounded fear, but you need to be aware it exists and get those visitors to trust you in order to turn them into paying customers. Publishing an ezine helps to establish you as a reputable business dealer and over time, inspires trust.

2) Brings Visitors Back: Statistics show a customer needs to see your advertising message six or seven times before making a purchase. But how do you get a casual browser to come back? When someone signs up for your ezine,repparttar 124395 mailing itself will serve as a reminder to to revisit again and again, eventually turning your subscribers into paying customers.

3) Establishes You as an Expert; Builds Brand Loyalty: Just because you're in business onrepparttar 124396 web, does that really mean you know what you're talking about? By publishing a newsletter and writing your own articles, subscribers will come to see you as an expert in your field. This andrepparttar 124397 familiarity they feel from reading your newsletter will reinforce brand loyalty to your site, turning many of your current subscribers into future customers.

4)Keeps Current & Potential Customers Up to Date on New Products & Services: We all add on to our current list of products and services on a regular basis. Pricing may change, we may add new sections of interest to our websites, etc. Your publications allow you to share this important information with current and potential customers keeping them up to date and possibly bringing them back for a new sale. Nothing is worse then having a client tell you he went to one of your competitors because he didn't know you offered that same service or product.

List Host Nightmares!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

For three weeks as I was putting out my weekly newsletter, I saw a promotion onrepparttar log-in screen at my list host, ListBot Gold, suggesting I could upgrade from Listbot Gold to a new bCentral service being launched called ListBuilder. It would give merepparttar 124394 opportunity to gather more demographic info from subscribers and providerepparttar 124395 ability to send HTML email to those who choose it on subscribing.

I'd been wanting to be able to provide advertisers a better picture of my subscriber base to garner more advertising forrepparttar 124396 Reading List. I was anxious to try it after consideringrepparttar 124397 idea, sorepparttar 124398 second week I sawrepparttar 124399 promotion onrepparttar 124400 log- in screen at ListBot, I tookrepparttar 124401 bait and clickedrepparttar 124402 "Upgrade Free" link. The greeting properly warned me that switching over now could delay delivery of my newsletter for a time while migration ofrepparttar 124403 list took place. Oh well, I'm on Sunday night deadline for my Monday a.m. delivery time, so I put it off another week.

Next week I checked in to ListBot a couple of days early to upgrade and allowrepparttar 124404 "migration time" ofrepparttar 124405 list. I went throughrepparttar 124406 online set-up and was glad to see thatrepparttar 124407 list had been moved to ListBuilder in short order and was ready to go by mailing time a full day beforerepparttar 124408 next Reading List was due to go out. I updatedrepparttar 124409 subscribe links on over 100 pages of my site to reflectrepparttar 124410 new sign-up boxes offered by ListBuilder and had a twinge of nervousness while thinking, "What if I don't like this new service andrepparttar 124411 way it works? I've just cost myself some valuable time and will have to switch back to ListBot links."

I knew that I could "restore" my list after deleting it because I had seen that link at ListBot for years while sending out my newsletter. "Your list can always be restored later if you change your mind." So I continued, sent outrepparttar 124412 first issue through ListBuilder and woke up Monday morning to another twinge of doubt. Should I have downloaded my subscriber list before migrating in case of a problem? Damn, I should have thought of that.

Seems there was no problem as I received my own copy of Reading List, but I didn't receiverepparttar 124413 usual spate of autoresponder messages telling me that people were out ofrepparttar 124414 office temporarily or that they had received my message. I quickly went torepparttar 124415 public archive for my list at ListBot and checked to find it . . . "DELETED!"

Full scale panic set it and I quickly logged in to ListBuilder to see that my archives had been moved successfully there and managed to calm my adrenalin rush after a few minutes of hyperventilating. I looked for a way to viewrepparttar 124416 archive without logging in as I'd posted links on my site torepparttar 124417 public archive of ListBot forrepparttar 124418 Reading List. They're all broken now!

More changes to my site and searching for archive links throughout my site! Damn! After spendingrepparttar 124419 next full week copying my archive fromrepparttar 124420 new ListBuilder PRIVATE list owner archive, tediously cutting and pasting to my own site all ofrepparttar 124421 previous issues and finally changingrepparttar 124422 remaining links on my site to reflect hosting of my own archive, I sighed relief. It was over.

But, no, a new panic set in to my tired mind. What ifrepparttar 124423 email subscribe link that I had promoted for two full years in my articles sent to other lists for distribution had stopped working as well?! I sent a test email and found to my immediate dismay that new subscribers torepparttar 124424 Reading List were gettingrepparttar 124425 terse message, "List Cancelled, Sorry, mail is not processed for lists that are cancelled."

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