7 Important Tips on Investigating a Business Opportunity

Written by Angela Wu

!!! Get In Onrepparttar Ground Floor!!! We'll Build Your Downline Using Our Unique Spillover System that Guarantees an Income of OVER $5000 EVERY WEEK! HURRY! THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Give me a break.

We'd all be millionaires if claims likerepparttar 102119 one above were true. If you're looking for a business opportunity onrepparttar 102120 web where scams feed onrepparttar 102121 dreams and weaknesses of everyday people,repparttar 102122 thing to remember is to *take your time*. Good opportunities don't disappear overnight.

To investigate an opportunity, check outrepparttar 102123 following:

__Do You Know EXACTLY What You'll Be Doing?

Have you ever read over a business opportunity and atrepparttar 102124 end ofrepparttar 102125 article you think, 'But what am I SELLING?'

You're not alone. There are endless opportunities touted online as beingrepparttar 102126 cream ofrepparttar 102127 crop,repparttar 102128 best ofrepparttar 102129 best,repparttar 102130 ultimate money-making opportunity destined to give yourepparttar 102131 freedom and flexibility you desire.

They just don't tell you HOW.

Don't send money for more information. If they're not upfront about what's involved in their opportunity, then runrepparttar 102132 other way and don't look back.

__Can You Independently Find Others Who Are Successful?

Message boards are a fabulous source of first-hand information from people who have been there, done that. Ask for other people's experiences with an opportunity before you join. If you can find a number of people who have had good experiences, that's great. If you can't, and all you hear are negative comments, then learn from them: even if you doggedly pursue it and find one positive testimonial, it won't mean much if you've heard 20 other negative comments.

__How Long Hasrepparttar 102133 Opportunity Been Around?

New opportunities don't yet have a history of success. There is no way of knowing how wellrepparttar 102134 average person will do with them.

Don't worry about 'getting in onrepparttar 102135 ground floor'; it's far better to have a solid history that shows a viable business opportunity.

__Are You Selling an Opportunity or a Product?

Whenrepparttar 102136 focus is on earning income by signing up others, you're part of what's known as a 'pyramid scheme'. To be brief: they're illegal.

Every opportunity should allow you to earn an decent income by selling a product or service to customers. If it focuses primarily on recruitment, reconsider.

I Had a Dream

Written by Rick Beneteau

"Are you blind?" she screamed, "World War III has started and you're acting as if everything's just peachy"!, referring of course torepparttar current state ofrepparttar 102118 world.

The subject in my dream several nights ago I am very close to in real life. I recall replying something torepparttar 102119 effect that "I can understand why you think this, butrepparttar 102120 world was not that great a place *before* 9/11 andrepparttar 102121 terrorist attacks have only served asrepparttar 102122 catalyst forrepparttar 102123 positive, spiritual changesrepparttar 102124 world needed to make anyway". Something in reality I have said to many people.

However, she rebutted, and this is verbatim: "You had better wake up and smellrepparttar 102125 anthrax!"

I intensely dislike nightmares, and especially those that wake you up with a jolt like this did, butrepparttar 102126 surreal conversation served as my own catalyst to change how I have been "existing" since September 11. I'll explain in a moment.

You may be having trouble sleeping or having dreams, or worse, nightmares related torepparttar 102127 terrorist attacks andrepparttar 102128 current state ofrepparttar 102129 world. We are being told by experts that this is perfectly normal consideringrepparttar 102130 scale ofrepparttar 102131 senseless slaughter,repparttar 102132 onslaught of biological attacks and continual talk of more threats, even nuclear, andrepparttar 102133 overall 'crisis coverage' bombardment in our lives day in and day out. I certainly believe them. If you weren't concerned about everything that is going on right now, including your own safety, you'd have to be pretty insensitive!

However, I believerepparttar 102134 biggest enemy we face right now is our personal preoccupation with these world events, and,repparttar 102135 level of "shutdown" we've allowed into our lives as a result. Just look around at what's happening, or better yet, not happening. Travellers and vacationers aren't flying andrepparttar 102136 airlines and tourist industries are in deep financial trouble. People are avoiding public places and countless major events have been postponed or cancelled. You could probably hurl a good sized snowball through your local restaurants and not hit a patron. The stock market has plummeted and businesses large and small are beginning to fall byrepparttar 102137 wayside in droves. People just aren't doing what they normally do and that includes spending money enjoying themselves.

Me? I readily admit that too many people have been in my miserable midst to hear me grumble in disgust about how slow my Internet sales have been. Not like me at all.

But come to think of it, I haven't bought a single thing onrepparttar 102138 Internet since September 11! Nor in any department store. I haven't hopped on an airplane let alone ventured out to a restaurant. I haven't attendedrepparttar 102139 theatre or been to a sporting event either. I've been sitting in my office and running torepparttar 102140 nearest television for 5 weeks now, stuck in this fog, frozen, like too many people! So how could I then be expecting people to spend money on MY products when I wasn't buying theirs? Worse, how come I was not enjoying my life like I normally would? Am I not part ofrepparttar 102141 problem?

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