7 Great Web Site Promotion Strategies

Written by JC Anderl

You might have an attractive web site with great products, but your site will sit untouched in cyberspace without one key factor.

Website traffic.

Traffic to your website is what you turn into sales, so check outrepparttar following promotional strategies and start sending visitors to your site in droves.

Strategy # 1 - Publish your own newsletter

Publishing your own newsletter is one ofrepparttar 125030 greatest ways to keep in touch with your visitors. The basic idea is that once you have takenrepparttar 125031 time and/or money to direct a person to your website, you want to get their name and email address so that you can keep in contact with them.

In my newsletter,repparttar 125032 RLB Marketing Essentials Newsletter, I send out an informative, valuable article twice a month. That is whatrepparttar 125033 subscriber gets out ofrepparttar 125034 deal. In return I have part ofrepparttar 125035 newsletter to recommend products or place advertisements.

More on newsletter publishing at: www.redlionbooks.com/1emailmark/nwsltrpublish21.htm

Strategy # 2 - Write articles

Most people browserepparttar 125036 Internet for information first, and to shop second. Writing articles can satisfy their need for information and help you out in two ways.

First, putting articles full of information on your website is great content for your website. It gives a reason for people to come to your website and also builds a relationship with your visitors.

Second, you can get traffic from other sites by letting them use your articles. Let anyone use your article on their site, in return they have to place a resource box atrepparttar 125037 end that directs readers to your website.

More on writing articles at: www.redlionbooks.com/1promo/promoarticles51.htm

Strategy # 3 - TrafficSwarm

This idea is great because it really does bring in some targeted traffic. It's also free, easy to setup, and requires little work after words.

More on TrafficSwarm at: www.redlionbooks.com/zlinks rafficswarm.htm

Strategy # 4 - Offer a GREAT affiliate program

An affiliate program is like having your own sales force working for you. Affiliate programs have become a big trend onrepparttar 125038 web lately, but good affiliate programs are still few and far between. If you have your own product, don't just start an affiliate program, start a good one.

You should recognize that an affiliate that sends you a sale is your partner. Without them, you probably would have never received that sale, so treat them right. Offer a high percentage ofrepparttar 125039 sale to affiliates (around 20%-30%) if you can, or some type of monthly commission if it suits your product. Paying your affiliates well will pay off inrepparttar 125040 long run.

More on starting an affiliate program at: www.redlionbooks.com/1affiliatemark/startyourown01htm

Strategy # 5 - Search engines

Search engines and directories are a great way to get free traffic, but you have to get a decent ranking to really seerepparttar 125041 benefits.

I believe that getting a great ranking in search engines starts withrepparttar 125042 way your web site is made. First, all of your pages should be properly meta-tagged. Although not a magic solution, meta tags will help your ranking if done properly. See this in-depth meta tag guide at searchenginewatch.com:


"The Power Of CGI Forms" (Part 2)

Written by Larry Johnson

This isrepparttar second in a series of "How-to-do-it" articles forrepparttar 125029 beginner or pro online. It outlinesrepparttar 125030 uses of CGI Forms, and why you need them now.

In our previous article we discussedrepparttar 125031 power of using autoresponders to automate many of your daily tasks.

Capturingrepparttar 125032 e-mail addresses of those who send for your autoresponder is one ofrepparttar 125033 many benefits of using them.

This article detailsrepparttar 125034 use of CGI forms, another great time-saving device that every serious webmaster needs to incorportate into their online business efforts.

Forms do more than allow you to getrepparttar 125035 customer's e-mail address. You may also get their name, mailing address, occupation, etc. In fact, you are limited only by your imagination as torepparttar 125036 information you may ask for on your form.

Here is a simple example of form on one of my sites:

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