7 Golden Rules For Building Mini Sites

Written by Janis Rae Searcey

First, an eye opener. Making your fortune through affiliate programs onrepparttar internet is not easy. Some people would tell you different. It can be done, but it is not as easy as some would have you think.

Everything you learn about starting an internet home based business is so important. One day you know it all and youíre on cloud nine, andrepparttar 145461 next day youíre drowning in a sea of nformation overload. But until things become clear about this internet business, you need to keep applyingrepparttar 145462 Golden Rules. Donít give it up.

There is a long list of great affiliate program earners, earning well intorepparttar 145463 hundreds of thousands per year. They did not give it up.

How would you like to learn 7 eye opening golden tips that make these great affiliate earners so much inrepparttar 145464 know? I thought you would.

1. Follow your loves and build mini sites around subjects you are really interested in - Do you love to cook? Find a recipe book that is selling or some cooking utensils that are good sellers and build your mini site around these products.

2. Build sites that sellrepparttar 145465 products that people are buying, andrepparttar 145466 product needs to be something that is easy to build a site around - One example is to go to ClickBank and find products in different categories that are new and good sellers. These are likely to be products that are easy to build sites around and if you get torepparttar 145467 product while it is fairly new,repparttar 145468 sales are usually greater at this point.

3. Contrary to number 1 above, to build a money-making mini site, you donít need to be interested inrepparttar 145469 product - If you find a great selling product that you don't know anything about, readrepparttar 145470 product creator's website to get some tips on what you can add to your own mini site.

4. Pick a domain name to achieverepparttar 145471 highest hits. Your domain name should be keyword related to your siteís subject - You want to keep your domain name keyword related sorepparttar 145472 search engines will love you and your web site will be listed atrepparttar 145473 top ofrepparttar 145474 search.

The Whole Truth,

Written by sylvia white

†The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth - It is time to tell yourepparttar truth about making money onrepparttar 145173 Internet. First of all when you seerepparttar 145174 words "Join Free"repparttar 145175 program is free to join but that does not mean that you will make money. Lets be realistic, If every one joins free where isrepparttar 145176 money coming from to pay you ? You must expect to pay a monthly payment or purchase a product fromrepparttar 145177 company. If every one that joined realised thisrepparttar 145178 programs would all be successful and you would make money. The people who decide it is worthrepparttar 145179 risk of spending a few dollars a month to start a business arerepparttar 145180 only ones who stand a chance of making money. I say a chance, because unlessrepparttar 145181 people they attract realiserepparttar 145182 potential and are willing to dorepparttar 145183 same , then their business will fail miserably. If onrepparttar 145184 other hand you can convince them that it is a great business and worth risking a few dollars, then it is plain sailing. If you advertise your business on a website tell your visitorsrepparttar 145185 truth fromrepparttar 145186 beginning, explain that it is free to join so they can check outrepparttar 145187 information BUT they will have to upgrade if they want to earn money fromrepparttar 145188 program.

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