7 Free Statistics Trackers for Your Website

Written by Michael Low

As some of you probably now know, WebTrends Live at http://www.webtrendslive.com no longer offerrepparttar free Personal Edition of their statistics tracker.

Affected are hundreds of thousands of websites that still userepparttar 133607 free WebTrends Live Personal Edition to keep track of their site statistics such asrepparttar 133608 number of daily visits and pageviews.

Many webmasters are probably oblivious of this change and still displayrepparttar 133609 WebTrends Live code on their site. Some are left clueless as to which other free statistics trackers offer comparable tracking that WebTrends Live Personal Edition once provided.

The email notice from WebTrends Live stated that past statistics had been deleted and are no longer available. Members who wish to continue using WebTrends Live need to upgrade torepparttar 133610 eBusiness Edition that cost $35 monthly.

For most small webmasters,repparttar 133611 idea of paying $35 a month for a site statistics tracker is exorbitant, especially when they are faced with their monthly hosting bill already.

Take the Guesswork out of Web Site Analysis

Written by Yi Zhou

Takerepparttar Guesswork out of Web Site Analysis

ZY Computing has released 123LogAnalyzer v. 3.0, an easy-to-use multi-platform tool that turns your web logs into a comprehensive analysis of your customers and prospects. 123LogAnalyzer tells you how visitors browse your web site, which pages they view and which they ignore, how long they spend on your site, and where they come from. With its new Marketing Report, you can track, analyze, and measure results by marketing campaign; 123LogAnalyzer keeps track of costs, sales, and profits by visitors, by bandwidth, and by page views and downloads.

123LogAnalyzer's web server activity report displaysrepparttar 133606 number of visitors,repparttar 133607 number of unique IP addresses,repparttar 133608 amount of bandwidth used, andrepparttar 133609 number of hitsrepparttar 133610 site received, broken down by time increment, day ofrepparttar 133611 week, and hour ofrepparttar 133612 day. To learn more aboutrepparttar 133613 information that visitors accessed, you can see which web pages were viewed, files were downloaded, directories were accessed, and images were looked at.

Referrer information includesrepparttar 133614 domains and URL's thatrepparttar 133615 visitors came from. In addition to tracking visitors by country,repparttar 133616 program's new Geographic Reports let you track visitors by state and by major US city.

The search engine performance report displaysrepparttar 133617 search engines which referred visitors torepparttar 133618 site, andrepparttar 133619 words and phrases that visitors searched for. It's easy to determine which search engines you've optimized your web site for, and which search engines require more work. In addition, 123LogAnalyzer provides information about which platforms and browsers people are using to visit your site. You can even identify missing files, broken links, and other errors that visitors encountered.

With its advanced filter options, 123LogAnalyzer lets you examine only those visitors who went to specific pages, or who downloaded particular files. You can also zero in on visitors who came from particular URL's, specific countries, or who visited at certain hours ofrepparttar 133620 day.

123LogAnalyzer's power lies in its ability to perform deep datamining. You can easily create and combine filters to extract specific information. For example, not only can you see how many visitors visitedrepparttar 133621 "Buy Now" page, but you can also see what other pages these people viewed, what their browsing sequence was, how many files they downloaded, what domain they came from, and what search engine keywords they used to get to your web site. Armed with this information, your can fine-tune your web site to be a more effective sales machine.

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