7 Formulas for Writing Articles That Get Read!

Written by Alexandria Brown

Many of us have been asked to write an article at one time or another. Maybe it's a contribution torepparttar company newsletter. Or a promotional article to gain publicity for ourselves or our companies. Some of us write articles regularly for clients.

No matter why you're writing an article, it's your responsibility to make it be interesting - otherwise no one will read it. (Except you.)

So how can you make your article interesting and engage your reader? It's all aboutrepparttar 129712 ANGLE. First pick your topic. For example, let's say your topic is something boring ... "car wax." Now, here's where many people start writing.

Stop! You need an angle! What aspect of car wax do you want to write about? Is there anything new or sexy inrepparttar 129713 world of car wax that people are interested in? Some ideas: howrepparttar 129714 new generation of car waxes helps protect your paint job for twice as long, OR, an overview ofrepparttar 129715 best five brands of car wax onrepparttar 129716 market, OR whatrepparttar 129717 best type of wax is for your particular car. Get it? These are all angles. (Byrepparttar 129718 way, I've never even waxed my car, so please take these ideas with a grain of salt! ; ))

Ready to brainstorm your angles? Here are seven article "formulas" to get you started. Some elements of each may overlap with each other, but each formula is truly a distinct animal.

1. The How-To People love how-to articles! They leadrepparttar 129719 reader step-by-step through how to reach an objective. They also sometimes offer resourcesrepparttar 129720 reader can contact for more information.

What expertise do *you* have to share? Turn that subject into an interesting how-to for readers. Examples: "How to Make Your Employees Stick Around Forever," "How to Findrepparttar 129721 Best Dress for Your Figure," and "How to Promote Your Business for Free."

2. The List This is one ofrepparttar 129722 most basic formulas andrepparttar 129723 easiest to write. Give a short one or two paragraph intro, then launch right into your list. Keep each item to a few sentences max. People love numbers, so number your list and give your total number inrepparttar 129724 title! Examples: "31 Ways to Organize Your Office," "15 Tips for Pain-Free Feet," "Five Reasons Management Won't Berepparttar 129725 Same in 2001"

Ten Top Reasons Authors Need a Web Site

Written by Judy Cullins

You may think, "Why not let other Web sites sell my book?"

That's a good plan to get started, but one ofrepparttar dangers is that Online publishers or book-selling sites may not pay you on time, pay you enough, or just go byrepparttar 129711 wayside because of low profits. They pay around 30% royalties for print books and 50-70% royalty for eBooks, and send you checks periodically throughrepparttar 129712 mail. If you have your own Web site for your informational products, you will get to keep all ofrepparttar 129713 money after expenses--always a great advantage, and you will be seen as a market leader in your field.

1. Enhance your Online and brand presence with your particular "branding"--why your product or service isrepparttar 129714 right choice--why you arerepparttar 129715 preferred expert over your competition. For instance, repparttar 129716 one who says I can help you make your book dream a reality, faster, cheaper, and easier. How? Through designing every part of your book to sell copies--before you write a single chapter applying repparttar 129717 essential "hot selling points," and how to write each chapter much faster with less editing usingrepparttar 129718 "fast-forward" technique.

2. Enhance product awareness. When your targeted visitors come to you site to see your free articles and tips,repparttar 129719 will become aware ofrepparttar 129720 products you offer. They may not buyrepparttar 129721 first time, repparttar 129722 second or even third time, but if you keep your site updated with new information every week and mark your site that you have done so, your visitors will keep coming, and up to fifty percent will buy.

3. Boost your leads fast. When you entice your reader with a testimonial or a free bonus report to leave their email address, you will be able to continue to stay in touch with them. Allow them to download a free chapter or excerpt of your eBook. Illustrate with benefits and a testimonial why they should sign up for your free ezine.

4.Reach new customers worldwide. Once you get up onrepparttar 129723 Web, many people will come to your site from all overrepparttar 129724 world. Your ezine or teleclass can connect with people outside your area because your subscribers or participants think so much of you that they forwardrepparttar 129725 good news to their friends and associates. Only targeted buyers come bringing a much higher rate of sales.

5.Add a new sales channel. Maybe people know you or your products offline through networking groups or other business ventures. A Web site makes you even more respected, and Online people expect you to have a Web site because they loverepparttar 129726 convenience and speed of Online ordering.

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