7 Emotional Appeals You Can Use To Super Charge Your Headlines!

Written by Joanne L. Mason

A great way to attract more prospects and increase your business is by using emotional appeals in your headlines. People makerepparttar decision to buy your products or services based on psychological triggers. They wantrepparttar 129575 benefits of your products help them achieve a certain feeling.

Whether your prospects desire to feel smarter, more successful, happier or safer, it is your job to determinerepparttar 129576 underlying desires that motivate your prospects. When you uncover your prospect's hidden desires it will be much easier to write stimulating headlines that magnetically attract more customers.

This article reveals seven common emotional desires for most people. I've also given you examples of how to use these emotional appeals to super charge your headlines to make quick and easy sales.

1. The desire to make more money

Moneymaking headlines are easy because everyone wants to make more money. In these headlines, always use dollar signs and actual dollar amounts to dramatizerepparttar 129577 effect of earning huge sums of money. Here's an example:

"Discover How Cheap Little Classified Ads Can Make You Up To $10,000 A Day!" 2. The desire to save money

People work hard for their money and don't want to waste it unnecessarily. Notice how this type of headline appeals to that great feeling that we all enjoy when we can keep a few extra dollars in our pockets:

"Here's How You Can Save 35% On Your Next Vacation"

3. The desire to save time

Time saving solutions are extremely popular in our fast-paced world today. See how you can create a winning headline by promising your prospects that you can show them how to get more done faster:

Content Is Still King!

Written by John Colanzi

It amazes me when I hear marketers say content isn't important anymore.

Many of them are saying that onrepparttar one hand and selling memberships to their sites onrepparttar 129573 other.

What are their membership sites?

Reports, articles, ebooks etc.

There's a name for all that.


The need for content is growing daily and will keep growing.

So who needs content?

There are thousands of ezines and their numbers are growing daily.

Article sites are springing up allrepparttar 129574 time.

Web Sites are looking for a steady supply of fresh articles.

The demand for content is far greater thanrepparttar 129575 supply.

Somebody has to help fill that need.

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