"7 Dirt-Cheap Tactics To Ignite Your Online Sales!"

Written by Michael S.L Bombard

1. When in a bookstore, leave your business card withinrepparttar first 4 pages of books related to your target audience. If they're interested inrepparttar 127364 book's subject, they'll probably be intrigued by your business card as well, and visit your website, call you, email you, etc.

Off-line generated prospects are also proven to be more likely to buy once visiting your website, in comparison to prospects generated online. Kind of like playing "hard to get" I guess.

2. Use an email "header" to immediately remind prospects ofrepparttar 127365 benefits you offer. A header is just like a signature file, but atrepparttar 127366 very top of your email.

You can use a simple 2-3 line header, stating whorepparttar 127367 message is from, and a short one line advertisement for one of your websites. Place headers in your newsletters/ezines, autoreponder messages, mlm prospecting emails, etc.

Note: This can also be a great way to "test" your headlines and it works like crazy! I mean it.

3. Write high-quality, information intense articles for more free publicity. Hey, if you haverepparttar 127368 time to write them, people almost always haverepparttar 127369 time to publish them for you and create a storm of free exposure!

One article a month from your fingertips could mean an extra $200 a month addition to your bottom-line, or easily more. Forrepparttar 127370 few hours it takes to write and distribute, it's more than worthrepparttar 127371 work. Like Simon Baxter said "Get your name out there as someone who knows where it at!"


Written by Meredith Pond

It's no secret thatrepparttar society we live in today likes to takerepparttar 127363 easy road. We come up with inventions and spend billions of dollars a year on things that make life easier for us: cars, appliances, computers, gadgets... you name it, we've probably bought it.

People have made billions of dollars making things easier forrepparttar 127364 public at large. So, why can't you enhance your bottom linerepparttar 127365 same way? If you want people to be attracted enough to your business to actually place an order, you've got to make it easier for them to use you instead ofrepparttar 127366 competition.

So how do you make things easier for your potential customers? First of all, if you don't already take credit cards, start now. Research shows that business who allow online credit card transactions do far more business than those who don't. You'll most likely have to pay for a merchant account, but it's definitely worth it because your sales volume will increase by leaps and bounds. If you're not ready for that or really can't afford it, try using a service like Paypal. Anyone with an account (and a LOT of people have them) can use their credit card or even their bank account to send you money via email.

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