7 Benefits Of Working At Home

Written by Barry Redfearn

1. Cut Out The commute Time.

According to a recent surveyrepparttar average person inrepparttar 149412 U.S. spends 51 minutes a day commuting to work. Thatís 221 hours a year, or 9.2 days. According torepparttar 149413 US Census Bureau,repparttar 149414 average commute time varies from state to state. The longest commute time are inrepparttar 149415 largest cities. New York City residents take an average of 38.4 minutes to get to work each day. Unless you are lucky enough to live in Lancaster County, Nebrasa your one way commute is only 15 minutes. This ads up to a lot of time overrepparttar 149416 space of a year. Working at home cuts out this major headache of that dreary commute to work everyday.

2. Spend More Time With Your Family.

Withrepparttar 149417 ever increased pressure in todayís work place. Parents are spending more time at work at less time with their family. This puts pressure on you,repparttar 149418 employee and more pressure onrepparttar 149419 family unit. It is increasingly difficult to getrepparttar 149420 Work-Life balance correct. Working at home gives yourepparttar 149421 opportunity to get that balance correct so as it does not interfere with your family life.

3. Be The Boss.

How many times have you complained about your boss behind their back. This is a common occurrence with many people in full time employment. At times you can clash with your boss, and no matter what you do, your boss is never pleased. No more having to meet up to other peopleís expectations and deadlines. You setrepparttar 149422 targets you want to achieve.

4. Get Rewarded For The Work You Do.

How To Convert eBay Surfers into Bidders!

Written by Joe Clare

Do you knowrepparttar phrase "A Call To Action"? Well, using "A Call To Action" on your eBay Auction could help increase your sales almost immediately. As outlined in my book "eBay Marketing Wholesale SourcePak" havingrepparttar 149393 right product, atrepparttar 149394 right price is crucial. But, what else can you do to entice those eBay surfers to become a bidder? Here is One Hot Tip anyone can implement on their auctions to increase their sales - it's called " A Call To Action!"

Some of you may be asking "What is "A Call To Action?" Well it's a simple phrase that you would add to your auction description. This phrase should tell your potential bidder what they should do next. I know what your thinking, "Don't they know what to do next?" But really, you do need to tell people what it is you expect them to do. You can not depend on or assume that an auction surfer is automatically going to become a bidder without telling him/her what you want them to do. You need to come right out and tell them to buy. And why they should buy. Here are some examples of phrases you could use to entice that potential bidder to take action now and make a bid.

- Bid Now! Save Money!

- Buy Now and Save on Shipping!

- Bid Now! Don't Miss This Incredible Deal!

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