7 Basics to Look for in a Work at Home Business

Written by Donnie Baird

We live inrepparttar age ofrepparttar 117089 internet. No where hasrepparttar 117090 internet made a bigger impact than inrepparttar 117091 area ofrepparttar 117092 ďwork at home entrepreneurĒ. You want to start your own home based business. But, there are so many different ones. Some are legitimate, some arenít. Sincerepparttar 117093 purpose of your starting a business is to make money and free up some free time eventually, you certainly donít want to waste your time and money on a scam. So, therein laysrepparttar 117094 problem. What do you look for when starting your own work at home business? The following is a list of just a few things to look for in a home based business opportunity.

Stability- With so many scams out there, one thing to look for is a stable opportunity. What I mean is this: Look for a business that has been around for a while. Iím not saying that there arenít new opportunities that are not worthwhile but I always like to knowrepparttar 117095 business has been successful. Also, a stable company will usually let you join for free so that you can take a more detailed look at it before you invest your time and money into it.

Product-What product(s) will you be offering to others? Is it something that most people need, use, or would want? More importantly, is it something you need, would use, or want? It is impossible to market a product that you donít use, because if you donít use it, how can you convince anybody else to use it? Also, keep in mind that most times, you will be sellingrepparttar 117096 opportunity as well, so you need to be convinced that it works before you can convince others.

Investment-How much does it cost to join this opportunity? How much is it going to cost to market your product? How doesrepparttar 117097 compensation plan work? How long does it usually take before I at least break even? Compare what you will be spending torepparttar 117098 money making potential ofrepparttar 117099 business.

Training-So, you find a stable company with a product and opportunity you really like. The next step is to make sure you will getrepparttar 117100 training you need to getrepparttar 117101 word out that you have that product and opportunity. Nothing is more discouraging than having something to sell, a business to promote, something that will benefit others, and not know how to advertise it. Make sure your business gives you ideas on how to market your product. Itís even better if they show you how to do it. Look for ways to get people to join you while your business is growing, like Guaranteed Sign-ups, or an advertising co-op.

How to Use Your Current Job to Feed Your New Business

Written by Myrtis Smith

For most people, starting a new business involves a gradual transition from their ďreal jobĒ. Often you can take advantage of your current employment by using a few simple tips.

There are several company perks you should utilize torepparttar fullest extent:

1. Training. If your company is willing to send you to training, take advantage of it. Find courses that will serve double duty; that is a course that will help you in your current job AND your future business.

2. Networking. Get to know as many people as you can. Your current employer may turn out to be your biggest customer. Plan on becoming a freelance writer? Get to knowrepparttar 117088 people in marketing. Plan on doing independent computer programming? Become buddies with someone in IT. You never know where leads will come from.

3. Find a mentor; preferably someone high onrepparttar 117089 food chain. If you are fortunate enough to work in a small company, try to get to knowrepparttar 117090 owner orrepparttar 117091 president. Observe how he conducts himself. Learn as much as you can aboutrepparttar 117092 ins and outs of running a business. There are lots of entrepreneurs willing to take a new person under their wing.

4. Buy old equipment. If your company is upgrading computers or remodelingrepparttar 117093 office, investigaterepparttar 117094 possibility of buying some items. Many of those things could be sold directly to you at a fraction ofrepparttar 117095 price you would pay at an office store.

5. Build your portfolio. It doesnít make sense to start from scratch; save copies of projects, reports, and presentations to add to your portfolio to show your future clients. Be sure you understand your companyís confidentiality agreement. You may need to make modifications in order to removerepparttar 117096 companyís name and names of its clients. You may also need modifications to protect your companyís intellectual property rights. Your goal is to keeprepparttar 117097 essence of your work (i.e. show off what you are capable of doing) without violating your companyís trust.

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