7 Affiliate Success Steps

Written by Sara Bonnet

How to get your business exposed for free!

Everybody inrepparttar Internet marketing industry intends to do well, butrepparttar 145659 truth is that only about 10% of marketers actually succeed. So today you will learn aboutrepparttar 145660 tips that will point you inrepparttar 145661 right direction to make you big profits.

I am not going to guarantee that you will make those profits, I don’t know if you will even follow these steps properly. What I do know is that these same methods are used byrepparttar 145662 guru’s of internet marketing. Here arerepparttar 145663 methods that will get you exposed:

1. Niche. Not only do you need to have an attractive uncluttered site, but it should be a site of only 1 common niche. For example if you decide to promote a home business opportunity, thenrepparttar 145664 website that your customer is directed to should be a page of only home business opportunities, information and offers of that subject.

2. Contact. If you have a list, Contact It! If you let your list sit there, your leads will disappear and you won’t sell a thing. People need to be reassured that there is a real live person out there that will help them. When your leads ask questions, answer them torepparttar 145665 best of your ability and be honest.

3. Write. Write an article about something you have knowledge of. It doesn’t have to be about your website. If you want more information about your subject, userepparttar 145666 internet to get information. After all that is whatrepparttar 145667 world wide web is all about. Your article should be about 1000 words (or so) long. For more tips enter “article writing in your search engine and there you have it.

4. Submit. To submit your article all you have to do is enter article submission into your search engine and submit your article copy to as many publishers as you possibly can. Make sure that you include a byline or authors box atrepparttar 145668 end of your article. It will generally be a sentence or very short paragraph about your business, including a link torepparttar 145669 website. (noterepparttar 145670 authors box atrepparttar 145671 end of this article). This is totally free advertising that gets you intorepparttar 145672 search engines.

5. Linking. Another excellent and free method is adding your link to other peoples sites. All you have to do is enterrepparttar 145673 subject of your business intorepparttar 145674 search engine ie. “work at home” or “internet marketing”. The search engine will listrepparttar 145675 relevant items and all you have to do is find a link in each website that says submit your link and followrepparttar 145676 directions. Some sites will require you to trade links with them, all you have to do is copy and paste their link to your webpage. If you can’t do that yet, that’s okay there are still plenty that don’t ask this of you. Spend an entire day doing this, your efforts will pay off.

Does Your Advertising Make You the Obvious Choice to Do Business With?

Written by Brett Curry

There is a concept in business that we marketers callrepparttar confidence gap. The confidence gap is defined as a potential customers inability to determine whetherrepparttar 145644 products or services of a given company are any better, different, or worse thanrepparttar 145645 competition’s.

The confidence gap exists in every imaginable industry and in most casesrepparttar 145646 gap is growing wider all ofrepparttar 145647 time.

Case in point: go torepparttar 145648 yellow pages and look underrepparttar 145649 roofing section (or any section for that matter) and see for yourself if, plus or minus 10%, every ad says basicallyrepparttar 145650 same thing. “Dependability, service, 80 years of experience….blah, blah, blah.”

Going byrepparttar 145651 yellow pages alone it’s almost impossible to tell who will really offerrepparttar 145652 best service,repparttar 145653 best overall value, and exactly what you need as a customer. It would be helpful if some ads said, “We stink, we won’t deliver on our promises, we’ll quote you one price and then charge you another,” but they don’t. Every company good or bad is essentially sayingrepparttar 145654 same thing. As consumers we know that not all companies are equal – but how can we tell? Hence,repparttar 145655 confidence gap.

But, this problem is not isolated torepparttar 145656 yellow pages. Take any medium – TV, radio, print, or brochures and compare what competitive companies are doing. You’ll see very quickly that there is almost no significant differentiation. Oh, sure, one company may have a red ad and another a blue ad. One company may have a catchy jingle andrepparttar 145657 other may not, but it’s still hard to tell which company is actually better or even which company gives greater promise of beingrepparttar 145658 best choice.

One area of marketing that is atrocious for most businesses is their brochure. Most brochures are loaded with clichés, worn out phrases, and platitudes that don’t mean anything. Like “dependability, quality, and service.” Any company onrepparttar 145659 planet could make a claim like that and you would still have no clue if there business was any good or not.

So what about your brochure? Does it make yourepparttar 145660 obvious choice to do business with, or does it just widenrepparttar 145661 confidence gap?

Here is a quick 4-pronged test to give your brochure (or your other advertising) to see if it hasrepparttar 145662 potential of singling your company out as THE go-to company.

1.Does your brochure clearly communicate your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? Most companies don’t have a clearly defined USP. Your USP is what makes you different, better, and unique from your competition. Here are a few famous examples: “When it absolutely positively HAS to be there overnight.” Of course your know that to be FedEx. The success of this Fortune 500 company was built largely onrepparttar 145663 strength of this USP that they could absolutely deliver overnight. Here’s another one – “Hot pizza delivered fresh to your door in 30 minutes or less or it’s FREE.” Dominoes pizza, right? You see how they didn’t claim to berepparttar 145664 best tasting,repparttar 145665 cheapest (orrepparttar 145666 most expensive); they wererepparttar 145667 fastest…guaranteed.

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