6 steps to win on High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP)

Written by Fryan Valdez

What is HYIP? HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. Asrepparttar name implies it is high Return of investment. But wait! this type of investments does not last for long...

I entered HYIP world on year 2002 and that year there are hundreds of programs available. Like most of HYIP investors, High ROI attracted me to this business. On my first year I invested nearly $1,200 on three programs and guess what I lost it all, Yes I have been SCAM!

But instead of backing down, I stand-up and play with them. Here are some tips that can help you avoid SCAMs.

1. Be ready to lose. Only invest money you are willing to lose. Remember investing of this type of programs is almost same as gambling.

2. Do not invest on programs that are not listed on premier HYIP review and ratings sites. This owner of these review site are also investors and they dont want lose money either. Here are some of these sites:

www.hyipinvestment.com www.hyipmonitor.com

Create a short list of programs you have chosen from these sites (I prefer top 10 programs).

3. After you have shortlistedrepparttar 127543 HYIP programs, choose at most three (3) programs from shortlisted that already working and paying for at least 3 months but lesser than 2 years (acceptable life span of HYIP is up to 2 years).

SCAM Alert: 3 Tactics of SCAM Sportsbooks

Written by SportsbookReview.com

Online Sportsbook scams are a multimillion-dollar business. Overrepparttar last 5 years we've seen players lose millions of dollars, not because their bets lost, but because they sent money to scam sportsbooks.

Don't berepparttar 127542 next victim. Be aware of these common scam tactics to protect your money.

1. New Sportsbook with Large Bonuses (25%, 40% or more) - this is a very common tactic of new operations that don't know what they are doing. They open a new sportsbook (especially around football season) and offer large bonuses to getp players to sign-up. Their business model is flawed fromrepparttar 127543 beginning and will eventually lead to financial troubles, slow/no-pay disputes and eventual shutdown.

Beware of offers that combine High Bonuses with Reduced Juice. Also, be wary of Lines that are out of wack. Obscure or soft lines can only mean one of two things: a lack of volume or thatrepparttar 127544 book itself is gambling on events.

Remember: If a promotion looks too good to be true, it probably is.

2. Telemarketing or Cold-Calling - is a sign of desperation thatrepparttar 127545 book may be getting ready to run forrepparttar 127546 hills. Scam telemarketers will use a variety of tactics to get their hands on your money. Some try to bully you, while others will charm you. In many cases it is a single high-pressure call or other pressure tactics requiring immediate decisions (usually to make a deposit). Watch out for anything that sounds fishy.

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