6 Ways to Promote Your Online Business Using Promotional Items

Written by Candice Pardue

It's getting tougher than ever to compete online these days so more companies are taking a unique approach to Internet marketing ..... custom printed promotional products to help set them apart fromrepparttar competition and to gain customer loyalty.

If you have a business online, you can benefit tremendously by using promotional items. There's more to promotional products than just buying some printed pens, caps, t-shirts, or calenders. Here are 10 tips to show you how promotional products can help increase your web site traffic and keep your customers once they purchase from you.

1. Free Gifts to New or Loyal Customers

Promotional Items such as pens, calenders, mugs, keychains, etc. make great gifts to show your appreciation to new or loyal customers. When you give a customer something of interest for free, it adds value to your offer and it also reminds her/him of your company continuously! Remember, much obliged translates into


2. Incentive for Customer to Purchase More

You can give promotional items to your customers as an incentive for them to purchase more. Many times, customers will purchase only one item. You can offer a special gift torepparttar 125250 customer if he/she purchases an additional item.

For Example: If your company sells computers and printers, you might enhancerepparttar 125251 customer to buy a computer withrepparttar 125252 printer in a special discounted package and offer free items as a bonus, such as pens, mouse pads, office supplies, etc. Make sure itís something he/she can use; thatrepparttar 125253 gift matchesrepparttar 125254 style and value ofrepparttar 125255 product. If only a small percentage of customers per day take advantage of your bonus offer, imagine what it could mean to your bottom line! Itís that simple!

3. Bring New Visitors to Your Web Site

Do a campaign to bring more customers to your site. One ofrepparttar 125256 most successful methods to get potential customers to visit is to offer them something free of high perceived value. If you send out a weekly or monthly newsletter, you could offer a free mouse pad with each sign-up for your newsletter. Or, you could offer a free item to customers who fill out your online survey (one ofrepparttar 125257 most effective ways to find out what your customers really want from you).

Six(6) Ways to Promotion Success!

Written by Clifton W. Bonney

I have been promoting websites onrepparttar NET for some time now, and have seen many marketing stategies come and go. You've seen it, Expert A(Dr. Know-It-All) told you to go to his website forrepparttar 125249 very BEST promotion onrepparttar 125250 net. "I''ll do everything for you"repparttar 125251 Dr says. He must know, right? So, you send lots of money, and wait forrepparttar 125252 traffic. Hmmm... didn't happen. No increase in hits. Well, it must have been Dr. Know-It-All. I'll try Expert B, Dr. No-You-Don't. Surely HE will be better thanrepparttar 125253 last because....Yahdah...Yahdah...Yahdah! Again, some big money sent...few results. So, out of desperation and a huge pain in my wallet, I finally formed my own company that I KNEW would be uncommonly useful through my trial and error experience. Hence...Clifton Enterprises' website called Click City was born. All ofrepparttar 125254 information in this article is available atrepparttar 125255 City.....So................ If you are planning to keep up with what's working NOW, I suggestrepparttar 125256 following six ways to assure success with your advertising dollars. 1. E-Zines The most amazing and under-used tool isrepparttar 125257 POWER ofrepparttar 125258 e-zine! Think about it: How many times have you deleted an E-Zine because you didn't have time, or you assumed there was nothing in it for you. Wrong on both counts. Most online magazines have subscriber bases of over one thousand, many have more. If you place your ad in several of these @ $15-75/ad, you have substantially increased your visibility without much output. The more subscribers,repparttar 125259 more people see your message. Choose e-zines with a good base for maximum exposure, and subscribe to several at once. Read them, decide which to advertise in, and go for it. It's very inexpensive promotion. You'll find one at Click City-at end of article! 2. Opt-in lists Opt-in lists have become one ofrepparttar 125260 fastest growing promotional tools available lately. There are pitfalls, however. If 20,000 people join a list, and only 10% post their ad to YOUR email daily. Do you think anyone is reading YOUR ad? I think NOT! What's going to happen to your mailbox? So..... Join several lists and send your message to thousands DAILY. There are many free lists with hundreds and hundreds of members, however don't expect your message to be read. Find lists with memberships of 100-1000! You have a better chance of being seen. I wouldn't join any list with more than 1000 members unless there were other benefits of membership.

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