Written by George Carr

#1. Get into a business that has exclusive rights to sell products that will inrepparttar near future be in high demand inrepparttar 117318 world's marketplace and provides you with a top notch website. Getting into a business that produce such products reduces competition and leaves a wide open niche market for you to capitalize in. Here is a company I found with such products: Big Planet/Planet Electric: http://bumperboy.mybigplanetusa.com. This company has exclusive rights to a new technology called ENERGY STORAGE TECHNOLOGY. With this technology they are producing new products that are powered using Energy Storage technology. For a free business overview of Big Planet visit their WebSite: http://www.bigplanet.com

#2. Get a Toll Free 800# with voicemail. It is much easier for a potential customer without a computer to inquire about your product or service when you have a toll free number. When leaving a voicemail message make sure to leave a recording that will not only inform your potential buyer about your product but excite them as well. A good company that I recommend is Creative audio. This company offers an inexpensive voice over You can call them at 1-800-363-6505.

#3. Posting Flyers to Bulletin Boards are a fantastic way to promote your hombased business for almost nothing. Post your advertisement on bulletin boards everywhere and anywhere. Examples of places to post are laundromats, colleges, schools, supermarkets, Wal- Mart -(get listing of stores nationwide), apartment complexes, workplace, or anywhere people congregate. Onrepparttar 117319 flyers make sure to post a description of what you propose to sell,repparttar 117320 800#, use bright or fluorescent paper to attract attention, and makerepparttar 117321 message short and sweet printed in large bold letters.

What Your Customers Absolutely Must Know About Your Business

Written by Ray Worthy Campbell

What Your Customers Absolutely Must Know About Your Business

No matter how small or new your home business, it is never too soon to start thinking about your brand image.

Brand image?

You may think that brand image is something that matters for consumer products like Coke or Chevrolet. What does it have to do with a small -- maybe one person -- real world or internet business operating off a kitchen table or out of a spare bedroom?

Pretty much everything.

Aboutrepparttar time my brothers and I hit high school, my mother came up with a new catch phrase.

ĻRemember who you are and what you stand for,Ļ she would tell us as we would head outrepparttar 117317 door.

Good advice for a teenager.

Good advice for a business.

Your brand image is what your company means inrepparttar 117318 customerīs mind -- what it can, and cannot, do for them.

It is who you are and what you stand for, as understood by your customers.

Especially for a small business, it is critically important that that image be razor sharp and crystal clear in customersīminds.

You cannot do everything. You cannot even do a lot of things. If you are lucky, you can do one or two things really, really well.

You want potential customers to think of you -- and think of you first -- when they need someone to do those one or two things.

So eliminate from your image, from how you present yourself, all those things you do not do. Present forrepparttar 117319 customerīs consideration only those things you do do, and do especially well.

But that is onlyrepparttar 117320 start. The next key is consistency -- staying on message.

There is a tremendous temptation for a small business to wander inrepparttar 117321 way it presents itself, testing out a new marketing proposition, or marketing a little bit in a lot of different places.

Huge mistake.

You need to be one thing, and to be that one thing over and over and over again -- torepparttar 117322 point of numbing repetition.

Whatever it is that makes your products or services unique and worth having, you need to pound that message home relentlessly, so that those who really do need what you offer clearly understand that you arerepparttar 117323 solution to that particular problem.

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