6 Steps to Prevent Mould in Your Bathroom

Written by Mark Davies

Despite regular cleaning mould can always occur in areas of high humidity aroundrepparttar home. Baths and showers create warm, moist air that condenses on cold surfaces providingrepparttar 135600 ideal breeding ground forrepparttar 135601 fungi that produce mould spores.

The following steps will help prevent mould from taking root in your bathroom.

1. Extract Moist Air

Openingrepparttar 135602 bathroom window is not an efficient way of getting rid of condensation, as it can simply blowrepparttar 135603 moist bathroom air intorepparttar 135604 rest ofrepparttar 135605 house. Mould will not grow on a dry surface so ensure you have an extractor fan fitted in your bathroom that will expelrepparttar 135606 moist air outside.

2. Rent a Dehumidifier

The majority of mould problems are caused by condensation, and most condensation is caused by poor ventilation. A dehumidifier will condense moisture out ofrepparttar 135607 air in your home and store it as water in a reservoir, which must be emptied regularly. Renting a dehumidifier for a few weeks from a local tool hire company will soon establish whether you have a condensation problem or not.

3. Remove Carpets

Stepping onto carpet when getting out ofrepparttar 135608 bath or shower can lead to it getting wet, which will keeprepparttar 135609 humidity level high inrepparttar 135610 bathroom. Look into alternative bathroom floor coverings that do not absorb water.

4. Remove Pot Plants

Pot plants need to be watered regularly, keepingrepparttar 135611 soil moist. This is an ideal breeding ground for mould producing fungi so keep them out ofrepparttar 135612 bathroom.


Written by Jack Overton

A real estate agent’s gut-wrencher: The prospect turns to hubby and says, “Isn’t this so homey and practical and just what we were looking for. Now, let’s go down and look atrepparttar basement.” They openrepparttar 135569 basement door and getrepparttar 135570 feeling that Noah must have been running an all-nighter down there!

“What did you sayrepparttar 135571 asking price is? Hmmm, well we have a friend cross-state who just had their basement waterproofed and dried out and it cost them over fifteen grand, so we’ll just lower our offer by that much for openers so we can fixrepparttar 135572 basement.”

Well, with a little forethought and action,repparttar 135573 sellers could probably solve that dam(p) problem for about 2 to 3 thousand andrepparttar 135574 new dry basement may very well becomerepparttar 135575 final clinching selling point!

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