6 Steps to Avoid Losing Summer Sales

Written by Kara Kelso

It's a fact -repparttar online world dies down inrepparttar 137661 summer time. Kids are out of school, families are on vacation, there's fairs to attend to, and many are just spending too much time outside to be online. For those that market mostly online,repparttar 137662 summer months could be eating your profit. The good news is, it's easy to take your product to where your market is - offline.

While some of you may moan and groan about leavingrepparttar 137663 comfort of your home to make money, if you don't want to loose out on sales it'srepparttar 137664 only way. Also you will get a chance to meet some local people in your area, and getting out can be good for you!

So what is there to do offline inrepparttar 137665 summer time? PLENTY! There are hundreds of events going on right under your nose, just waiting for you to be a part of. State fair, county fairs, town celebrations, music events, craft fairs, expos - all renting tables and spaces for you to sell. The hard part of marketingrepparttar 137666 events has been done for you, all you have to do is show up!

Userepparttar 137667 following 6 steps to make your offline event a success:

1. Locaterepparttar 137668 events This isn't as hard as some make it out to be. There are many different ways to get in touch with those in charge of organizing events. Check with your local City Hall or Chamber of Commerse first.

Your Website on My Forehead

Written by Jon Castle

People are so focused on promoting their websites onrepparttar web nowadays that many are overlookingrepparttar 134959 original marketing medium—the offline world! Many tried and true methods of advertising exist for brick and mortar businesses that could just as easily be applied to online businesses. These methods have been developed over hundreds if not thousands of years—what cavemen used to sell I have no idea—butrepparttar 134960 point is still valid. Business promotion existed long beforerepparttar 134961 internet. So what methods of marketing inrepparttar 134962 “real” world can an online business owner apply torepparttar 134963 cyber world?

One extremely effective method is brand marketing through merchandise. Think about it—beforerepparttar 134964 web existed, how did businesses like real estate companies market their brands? One way they did it was to give stuff away—a marketing trick that is still being applied effectively today. How many pens, pencils, and magnets do you have lying aroundrepparttar 134965 house, stuck torepparttar 134966 refrigerator, placed behind your ear—wherever—that bear some company’s logo or name? If you have ever worked in an office environment doubtless you would have noticed several different slogans on a hodgepodge collection of pens (some that might even still work) and pencils collected over time from seminars, informational fairs, trade events, etc. Brick and mortar businesses are doing it, so why aren’t you?

If you don’t want

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