6 Steps To Establishing Credibility Online

Written by Alessandro DeBarros

Credibility is a key ingredient for any successful business venture. Building and enhancingrepparttar credibility ofrepparttar 131806 product you offer is an ongoing and full-time effort. So how can busy online entrepreneurs add building credibility to allrepparttar 131807 other responsibilities they are trying to juggle?

Why not make surerepparttar 131808 web site you use works as hard as you do to establish credibility? Let's look at elements that can be built into a well designed web site to enhance credibility inrepparttar 131809 eyes of your potential customers.

1. Offer A Guarantee Nothing beats a solid, believable guarantee for building credibility online. It may be hard to believe butrepparttar 131810 buying viarepparttar 131811 Internet is still unfamiliar, and uncomfortable, territory forrepparttar 131812 majority of people. It is up to you,repparttar 131813 business owner, to put their minds at ease.

One way to do this would be to offer an unconditional, 100% money back guarantee. Includerepparttar 131814 cost of shipping and handling in your guarantee. By assuming all ofrepparttar 131815 risk, you will earn instant credibility points with most potential customers.

2. Provide Contact Information Evenrepparttar 131816 best guarantee won't help establish credibility ifrepparttar 131817 potential customer can not contact you. Post accurate contact information on your web site and make it easy to find. Provide as many methods of contact as possible, do not simply post a link to an email address.

For maximum credibility, postrepparttar 131818 complete mailing address, phone number (preferably a toll free number), and email addresses for customer's to use if they feelrepparttar 131819 need to contact you.

3. Use Testimonials Testimonials arerepparttar 131820 Internet equivalent of word of mouth advertising. They can be very effective tools for building credibility provided they are believable. To get quality testimonials, ask your past customers for their opinions.

Obtain their permission to use their word and names as part of your advertising. Do not use celebrity endorsements, most people assume these are paid endorsements.

4. Provide A Brief Bio Familiarity is one ofrepparttar 131821 most effective tools for building credibility onrepparttar 131822 Internet. But how do you establish familiarity in a faceless, impersonal medium likerepparttar 131823 'Net? Simple, tell people about yourself.

2003 Guide To Becoming A Successful Reseller

Written by Alessandro DeBarros

Simply put, reselling is a way to make money, both inrepparttar case ofrepparttar 131804 provider supplyingrepparttar 131805 original service, andrepparttar 131806 independent operator doingrepparttar 131807 reselling. It is a relationship between a service provider, and a special kind of customer.

In a reselling relationship,repparttar 131808 reseller is not an employee ofrepparttar 131809 service provider, but instead acts as an extension ofrepparttar 131810 larger company's marketing, sales and support operations. The reseller marketsrepparttar 131811 product independently, and signs up customers torepparttar 131812 original provider's service, often providingrepparttar 131813 simple side ofrepparttar 131814 service, like offering basic tech support and administration ofrepparttar 131815 account.

Onrepparttar 131816 service provider's side ofrepparttar 131817 deal, a reselling program allows a business to expand its customer base without overextending its marketing and sales operations. Fromrepparttar 131818 reseller's side, a reselling program allows a small, independent operator to profit from a small piece ofrepparttar 131819 Internet services market without requiring a lot of technical knowledge, or a big investment in infrastructure.


The first step in a successful reselling venture is defining what type of product/service you want to resell. A big mistake most new resellers make is cramming lots of different products and services into a website.

Start small, start with 2-3 related products that you can resell and support with ease, then expand into a broader range of products and services as your client base grows. If you have experience in a field, choose a product that flatters your knowledge, create a niche market, and then expand.


An excellent higher-tier Web host truly values its relationships with resellers. Through such relationships, a company enhancesrepparttar 131820 market reach of its product and services offerings throughrepparttar 131821 reseller's specific market segments.

A higher-tier company will thus offer a myriad of specifically tailored services to enhancerepparttar 131822 reseller's service offering. By providing a wide range of options, a reseller's business can scale along with its customer base.

The options, or resale models most usually made available to resellers include "volume discount" reselling, discount per domain, affiliate and private label reselling.


The volume discount approach provides increased revenue per domain asrepparttar 131823 reseller increasesrepparttar 131824 number of accounts within their hosting portfolio. This model is extremely cost-effective for larger resellers, sincerepparttar 131825 cost per account declines asrepparttar 131826 volume of accounts increases.

The major disadvantages of this model however are that resellers are usually directly identified as resellers, sincerepparttar 131827 infrastructure and brand identity throughoutrepparttar 131828 entire Web hosting service is usually identified withrepparttar 131829 higher-tier hosting provider.

The model also is not very advantageous to newer and smaller reseller operations which have just started-up, since reselling under this model is much more expensive ifrepparttar 131830 reseller's customer base is small.


The more advantageous reselling model forrepparttar 131831 start-up reseller operation is thereforerepparttar 131832 discount per domain model. Under this approach, higher-tier Web hosting firms offer discounts torepparttar 131833 reseller per account purchase.

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