6 Simple Tips To Help Potty Train Your Puppy

Written by Moses Chia

Potty training also known as toilet or house training isrepparttar art of teaching your puppy where you want him to relieve himself. Sound simple! Not exactly, at least to me and many dog owners out there. Potty training my puppy gives merepparttar 144074 most problems and headaches when I start to house train my first puppy years ago. It seems that my puppy is always either inrepparttar 144075 wrong place atrepparttar 144076 right time, orrepparttar 144077 right place atrepparttar 144078 wrong time! Nevertheless, overrepparttar 144079 years, after much experiments and reading up, I’ve manage to come out with 6 simple tips to help potty train your dog. 1. Try to feed your puppy on a regular schedule and remove his water supply before bed time. His potty timing would be more predictable and consistent. 2. Puppy usually instinctively wants to relieve itself after feeding, sleeping, playing and confinement. Bring him to your designated area for his potty business after such activities.

Dog Behavior Problems: Help! My dog is a nuisance when he misbehaves!

Written by Moses Chia

How many times have I hear fellow dog owners say, “I hate it when he barks non stop… or he utterly embarrassed me when he mounts people’s leg”. Dog owners usually have no problems to fill in tons of their dog behavioral problems intorepparttar above statements. I have to admit that I feel disappointed, even sad whenever I hear dog owners say that statement. Why? Because, these owners have failed to see things from their dog’s prospective! To put it simply, I should say that they don’t understand their dogs at all. Dogs do not misbehave because they're spiteful, or are out to annoy or anger you. They just behave in a manner which is expected of a dog! The fact is that dog behavioral problems that we can’t stand are not problems at all torepparttar 144073 dogs. In fact, do you know that dogs “misbehave” for a reason or two? To list a few: 1. Dogs bark because they have something to say, something to tell you. 2. Dogs dig because they smell something underneathrepparttar 144074 ground. 3. Dogs chew because they are teething and are feeling uncomfortable. 4. Dogs chase after moving objects because they are following its instinct. 5. Dogs turn aggressive because they want to protect you. For your information, most dogs actually misbehaved (in our eyes) because ofrepparttar 144075 lack of care, concern and training from their very own owners: 1. Health Issue – Many behaviorists & dog trainers believe that at least 20% of all behavior problems are related torepparttar 144076 dog’s health in some way or another. For all that you might know. Your dog could be misbehaving because he is sick or in pain. Bring him torepparttar 144077 vet for a thorough check-up if he misbehaves suddenly when he has always been a good dog.

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