6 Reasons Why E-commerce Sites Fail

Written by Andrew T. LaPointe

The World Wide Web is exploding. Everyday thousands of new individuals are usingrepparttar Internet to search out and purchase products. However, 95% of all Internet sites lose money. With so many customers online, why arerepparttar 109047 majority of websites losing money? Outlined below are six reasons websites fail. #1: Lack of Time Commitment: This isrepparttar 109048 foremost reason websites fail. The entrepreneur is not truly committed to succeeding onrepparttar 109049 Internet. This is expressed inrepparttar 109050 wayrepparttar 109051 entrepreneur expects success within a relatively short-term period. Success is expected within days, not months or years. This expectation is unrealistic, and interferes withrepparttar 109052 commitment needed to grow. The solution to this problem is to give your websiterepparttar 109053 time necessary to mature. #2: Inaccurate Marketing Plan: Internet marketing requires a different mindset from traditional brick-n-mortal marketing. This requiresrepparttar 109054 creation of a detailed e-commerce marketing plan. Many entrepreneurs need to understandrepparttar 109055 different types of marketing strategies online. The quickest and least expensive way to learn cutting-edge Internet marketing strategies is to readrepparttar 109056 newsletters ofrepparttar 109057 Internet. These are called e-zines. E-zines contain some ofrepparttar 109058 best marketing strategies onrepparttar 109059 Internet. You can locate some ofrepparttar 109060 best e-zines by conducting a search engine query usingrepparttar 109061 word "e-zine" #3: Dysfunctional Sites: This type of site is plagued with technical problems and design flaws. These types of problems can drive customers away from your site. Design flaws include illogical site navigation, poor combination of colors used in site creation, and improper use of text-size. Technical problems include slow loading pages and/or complete site crashes. Userepparttar 109062 following strategies to solve these devastating problems. To ensure your site is free from design flaws, get as much feedback on your site as possible. You could also hire a web consulting firm to review your site for possible design changes. Technical problems can be solved by including fast loading graphics and high-speed servers.

The Keepers

Written by Mick Meredith

In my 55 years I have spent about 50 of them marketing and selling something. Alongrepparttar way I learned a few things about designing a web site with e-commerce that I would like to share.

1. Keep it simple. Design it to download fast, easy-to-understand with effective graphics and writing.

2. Keep it professional. Good clean appearence and design. Flows well, functional and easy to navigate.

3. Keep it current. Make surerepparttar 109046 information is timely and accurate. Make changes and updates often.

4. Keep it selling. Install a simple catalogue system complete with a secure shopping cart and credit card ability. Advertise and promote it for new and repeat sales.

5. Keep it sticky. Make it interesting. Make changes and updates often. Provide new, relative information. Add and delete products.

6. Keep it out there. Advertise, promote and share. Be excited to always let people know where your site is. Write newsletters, articles, press releases. Attend conventions and other events.

7. Keep in touch. Personal, quick response to e-mail. Include your real telephone, address. Use auto responders where proper but sparingly. Have brochures and biz cards. Have chat room, bulletin boards, signature lines. Don't ever, ever SPAM!

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