6 Key Elements to Leadership

Written by Steve Simard

6 Key Elements to Leadership

You are on your way to build a large organization in your primary network Marketing Company? It is important to establish yourself as a leader. The thing is that most people never got trained to manage people. Leadership is not about knowing everything, it's more about knowing how to distributerepparttar energy of a group.

As your team keeps growing and growing, you'll notice that they have questions and rely on you 100 %. YOU arerepparttar 122529 leader... Are you?

Here are 6 words, 6 elements you need to master if you want to be recognized as a true leader.

1- Trust

As a Group Leader, you've got to establish confidence. Every member of your team must trust you. It is your responsibility to build that confidence towards you and towards every members of your team.

2- Coherence

You've got to walk your talk. What you say is what you do. Coherence between your teaching and your own actions will have a significant effect on your team : it will have a direct influence uponrepparttar 122530 trust of your team members towards you. The less your team trust you,repparttar 122531 less your message will be heard.

3- Competence

No leader can survive incompetence. Knowing how to resource yourself and knowing how to surround yourself are 2 qualities that every leaders possess. Whatrepparttar 122532 leader don't know, he learns it or he makes someone who knows about it to executerepparttar 122533 task.

Outdated Copyright Date & Information = Outdated Sales & Customers!

Written by Matthew Janowski

Try this test. Go to your favoriteís list and checkrepparttar copyright dates atrepparttar 122528 bottom of each site. Are they current? You might be surprised to find a good number arenít.

If a company or marketer canít even takerepparttar 122529 time to update their own siteís copyright date, how often do you think they updaterepparttar 122530 content on their site? Not Often!

You can save yourself a great deal of time and effort by simply checking copyright dates atrepparttar 122531 bottom of new web sites you come across.

Sites that takerepparttar 122532 time and effort to keep their sites updated with current information will be infinitely more valuable than a sadly outdated site.

If youíre interested in getting into any affiliate programs, this is especially true. Trust few, if any affiliate programs whose sites are sadly outdated.

Remember your time is money! Donít spend countless hours researching information on a site only to findrepparttar 122533 information was written in 1998 and simply is not applicable for 2004! Checkrepparttar 122534 copyright date first!

Letís face it, selling onrepparttar 122535 web means being credible. Outdated copyrights and information ruins it. Donít get caught. Look for current copyright dates!

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