6 Critical Rules When Building An Affiliate Website

Written by Anik Singal

Copyright 2005 Kurma Group

There are 6 rules you must use when building any affiliate website if you wantrepparttar website to make you any money.

Building Your Site Rule #1 Always have a strong headline.

No matter how great your sales copy is or how great your content and information is… no one will stick around long enough to read it unless you grab them with your headline.

Make sure you have a compelling enough headline to makerepparttar 135066 person want to stay and read your information.

Building Your Site Rule #2 Make your home page a strong sales letter that combines elements of an article and an endorsement.

The best way to have a sales letter that is not hyped up and can still do a good “pre-sell” is to have a form of a product “review” or “endorsement.” What most people are interested in is readingrepparttar 135067 pros and cons about a product. Spend some time and dedicaterepparttar 135068 home page to a good product, write a good “endorsement” article.

Building Your Site Rule #3 Stop hiding your links. Let your visitors read your articles…

Some advocates ofrepparttar 135069 old mini-site strategy advised you to have NO other links on your site. There was supposed to be just one other link –repparttar 135070 BUY NOW link. And I think this still works, but for merchant sites – not affiliate websites.

Remember, your job is to PRE-SELL, not sell. You’re not trying to corner your potential customer, you’re just trying to gain their trust. The best way to gain their trust is to offer them a bunch of useful advice and helpful content. That means you’ll need LINKS to all that good stuff on your site.

Now remember,repparttar 135071 other articles on your site should also be “pre-selling” your readers – so one way orrepparttar 135072 other, you will be able to gain their trust and getrepparttar 135073 sale.

Building Your Site Rule #4 Offer lots and lots of articles – all with easy navigation.

As PPC gets more and more expensive, it’s getting harder and harder to get qualified leads from search engine advertising. It’s also getting tougher and tougher to find easy shortcuts to a #1 placement. A cheaper and more effective strategy is to patiently work WITHrepparttar 135074 search engines rather than trying to trick them or buy into them.

I Hate Asking for Referrals! – 6 Proven Methods for Getting a Flood of Referrals Without Asking

Written by David Frey

Copyright 2005 David Frey

Yes, I admit it - I hate asking for referrals - don’t you? Be honest. Doesn’t your heart start to pump faster and hands start to sweat even thinking about asking a customer for a referral?

If you’re like me, you hate to impose on others. Asking for names of friends or family members almost makes you feel as though you’re selling a multi-level marketing opportunity.

Not to worry. There are many ways to get a continual stream of qualified referrals without having to go throughrepparttar painful process of asking for referrals face-to-face.

The secret to getting referrals without asking for them is to develop referral systems that dorepparttar 135065 asking for you. Here are six innovative systems for getting referrals without asking.

Referral System # 1

Make a list of people / businesses that sell complimentary products and services to your own product or service. If you sell athletic shoes your list might include health clubs, running clubs, basketball teams, or podiatrists. Now create a referral program that pays referral fees for people that are sent to you by your referral partners.

To make this system more effective, give your referral partners customized coupons, tickets, or cards thatrepparttar 135066 referral brings with them to your business so that you can correctly track each referral source.

Referral System # 2

Approach charities in your local area to get a list of donors that already give torepparttar 135067 charity. The United Way is a good place to start. Most United Way donors make advanced pledges or set goals to give a specified amount torepparttar 135068 United Way.

Now approachrepparttar 135069 executive sponsor ofrepparttar 135070 United Way donation drive and make a proposal. Propose that for every referral that is sent from their organization to your business, you will take a percentage of your sale and donate it torepparttar 135071 United Way (or whatever charity they are affiliated with) in their name.

Referral System # 3

Local churches are always looking for innovative ways to raise money to sustainrepparttar 135072 programs they offer to their members. Most churches would be enthusiastic aboutrepparttar 135073 opportunity to receive a donation from you or your business.

Simply call uprepparttar 135074 ecclesiastical leader and ask if you can meet with him/her to talk about a potential fundraising activity. Propose that for every referral (church member) they send your way, you will donate a percentage ofrepparttar 135075 sales torepparttar 135076 church. In return,repparttar 135077 church should agree to promote your business.

This same referral tactic can be done withrepparttar 135078 booster clubs of local sports teams, Boy Scout troops and other organizations looking to raise money.

Referral System # 4

The fourth referral system is very simple. Give your products or services away (or significant discounts on your products or services) in local raffles. In my hometown of Friendswood, Texasrepparttar 135079 local Ford dealer gives away a brand new truck in a 4th of July raffle throughrepparttar 135080 local Chamber of Commerce.

The tickets sold inrepparttar 135081 raffle go towards paying forrepparttar 135082 cost ofrepparttar 135083 truck andrepparttar 135084 dealership gets to displayrepparttar 135085 new truck for several months leading up torepparttar 135086 raffle in high-profile areas provided by businesses that are members ofrepparttar 135087 Chamber of Commerce.

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