6-Max Texas Limit Holdem : Hand Values

Written by Chip Westley

6-Max Texas limit Holdem is a variation fromrepparttar normal full ring limit games. This variation is played more aggressively and with greater potential profit forrepparttar 139032 better players. Because more hands are dealt per hour, more decisions are made per hour. This can be a great advantage torepparttar 139033 player that known their way aroundrepparttar 139034 six chaired table.

In 6-Max, while you should still play a tight and aggressive style, a few more hands can be played as openers. Hand values change quite a bit from a full ring game to a 6-max game.Pocket pairs are more valuable in a 6-max game. In early position,repparttar 139035 first two positions afterrepparttar 139036 blinds, you'll want to muckrepparttar 139037 baby pairs, 22-66. Inrepparttar 139038 cutoff and button typically play all pairs if there has been a caller ahead of you. And you can open raise withrepparttar 139039 higher pocket pairs allrepparttar 139040 way down to 88 or 99 depending uponrepparttar 139041 character ofrepparttar 139042 table. Raise with ten-ten and up.

Hands with two cards of ten or higher go up in value in a 6-max game. While you might fearrepparttar 139043 risk of being dominated with hands such as King-Ten offsuit and Queen-Ten offsuit in a full ring game, because ofrepparttar 139044 limited amount of opponents these hands are more likely to hold up in 6-max. You can strongly consider open raising with any hand with two cards ten or higher.

Suited Aces are much less valuable in a typical 6-max game. Usually there will be limited participation inrepparttar 139045 hands andrepparttar 139046 pot odds just won't be there for any kind of speculative hand. Also, because raising is much more prominent, it's harder to seerepparttar 139047 flop for just one bet. Suited connectors facerepparttar 139048 same problems only more so. Be very careful playing speculative hands in 6-max. Knowrepparttar 139049 character of your individual game and only play them late if conditions are just right.

Confessions of a Stream Angler

Written by Mike Clifford/HeartlandOutdoorsman.Com

A HeartlandOutdoorsman.Com Production..... (Leave this intact as it is considered permission to reproduce)

The routine hadn't changed much inrepparttar last 30 years or so. A typical Saturday morning would find Frank Malone rising well before sunrise. Today would be no different. As he sat onrepparttar 139031 edge of his bed wipingrepparttar 139032 sleep from his eyes, Frank pondered his fishing opportunities, wondering where this day might lead him. The smell of freshly brewed coffee now filledrepparttar 139033 lonely house, and Frank wondered how he would go about packing everything up and preservingrepparttar 139034 memories of a lifetime that echoed insiderepparttar 139035 walls of this old place. The wind rattlingrepparttar 139036 branches ofrepparttar 139037 old oak tree outside his office window had Frank thinking thatrepparttar 139038 fly rod would probably stay home today in favor of his trusty old spinning gear andrepparttar 139039 recent rains would probably make wading more difficult than it was worth. Forrepparttar 139040 first time in his adult life, Frank was having second thoughts about going fishing at all, butrepparttar 139041 workload facing him here seemed daunting, to sayrepparttar 139042 least. Mary always seemed to have a place for everything, and looking around at this point, Frank suddenly realized that he really had no clue where anything was. He couldn't help but chuckle atrepparttar 139043 thought, and went about his usual routine of gathering up some essentials forrepparttar 139044 day.

With his thermos of coffee in hand, he headed out torepparttar 139045 barn to check onrepparttar 139046 goats to make sure they hadn't busted out of their pens, as they had recently found a liking to doing. Actually,repparttar 139047 neighbors would have called if there had been another episode duringrepparttar 139048 night such as occurred twice this week already. Animals just seem to have that sixth sense in knowing that something has changed drastically in their surroundings, and these creatures definitely sense that something is notrepparttar 139049 same.

As darkness still held its grip onrepparttar 139050 morning,repparttar 139051 lights from Frank's truck glanced briefly offrepparttar 139052 barn and startledrepparttar 139053 chickens out of their stupor, bringing a smile to his face as he realized that some things never change. Fumbling to find his cigars and dial up a weather forecast onrepparttar 139054 radio, Frank came torepparttar 139055 realization that he didn't even know where he was going to end up fishing today. He'd done this so many times, for so many years, yet on this day he seemed to have a hard time getting his thoughts together.

With a slight chance of rain inrepparttar 139056 forecast and a low pressure system, it would more than likely be a good bite anywhere he ended up, Frank figured.

The light of a fresh morning was just beginning to peek overrepparttar 139057 horizon as Frank navigatedrepparttar 139058 thick fog and back roads to take his customary place amongrepparttar 139059 tall pines and crisp mountain air. Taking advantage ofrepparttar 139060 seemingly perfect conditions on this day, he wasted no time in getting set up and was at stream's edge just in time to witness a bald eagle take flight from it's roost, a marvel he had probably taken for granted too many times. Everything seemed just a little more magical today, and Frank disrupted his usual routine at this point to slowly set his gear down and take it all in with a deep breath.

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