5 ways to turn visitors into loyal customers!

Written by John Crisano

1. Use firm deadlines and stick to it. You've seen these offers before. You knowrepparttar ones I'm talking about. They say "Offer Ends Midnight on 15 August 2005 – Hurry". But than, afterrepparttar 150218 15th of August, you go back torepparttar 150219 site you sawrepparttar 150220 offer and noticerepparttar 150221 same ad,repparttar 150222 same price andrepparttar 150223 same product only this time they are promoting with a new "Deadline" date on whenrepparttar 150224 offer will end. To me, and many other visitors, this does not add credibility. It almost always creates doubt in my mind. When I say add a sense of urgency, I mean create a deadline and stick to it! If you are selling a widget for 25% offrepparttar 150225 normal price, let your customer know, set a deadline and once that deadline is reached, endrepparttar 150226 offer. Period. This not only creates urgency, it implies that you are a person of your word. When you say what you're going to do, you do it.

2. Offer an "Iron Clad" Money-Back Guarantee

Most web sites offer a money-back guarantee. And most, if not all honor it. Many online businesses sell electronic information or software. Once downloaded,repparttar 150227 customer has your product. Most customers will never ask for their money back. However, some will. This is a cost of doing business online. The best advice to give here is to always honor your money back guarantee. In many cases, we as online businesses have no choice when people want their money back. They simply notify Clickbank, or their credit card company and make a claim. Next thing you knowrepparttar 150228 money is charged back. The customer has your product and you are out of luck. A good way to prevent further returns is to askrepparttar 150229 customers who requested their money back one or two simple questions. These questions can help solve future return issues. Ask "Who, What, Where, When, & Why". Examples: What can we do to improve this product? Who did you speak with at our company? Where do we need to improve? When did you speak with Customer Service? Why did this item not meet your needs?...Ask question. Make changes and giverepparttar 150230 customers what they want, not what you think they want. 3. Offer a "Members Only" site

People love to feel like they belong. Offer a password protected site where members can log into and find free content and download of software, ebooks, and more. Add a forum, surveys and marketing ideas. You getrepparttar 150231 point;repparttar 150232 key is to only make it available to your members.

4. Have an up to date "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) Section

Ensure that you have an updated FAQ section. Most people want answers to questions when they ask them. They don't like to wait for an email response. The solution is to put you inrepparttar 150233 visitor's shoes. Review your entire offer, web page or program and write down every question that comes to mind. Once you have your list of questions, writerepparttar 150234 answers in easy to understand language, create your web page and place links on every page torepparttar 150235 FAQ section. When people email you with questions you may have overlooked, simply add it and your response torepparttar 150236 FAQ page.

Online Network Marketing 101A - Basic Must Steps To Follow To Be A Successful Marketer

Written by Henry Tanaka

This guide is for people who know what network marketing is but still in need of a “boost” to start either because they are lost and not know what to do or they have a really bad mentor. If you feel that this reading is not for you, you are very welcome to view my other articles.

If you are new to network marketing and you are lost and not knowing what to do, do not worry. I have been in your spot before, most of us have been. We read hundreds of pages of guide written byrepparttar so called network marketing guru and yet we still don’t earnrepparttar 150189 profit that they are earning.

If you have a pen right in front of you, write down these bulleted steps (do not copy and paste; writing has a more significant effects torepparttar 150190 brain). I will talk more about each point in this article and my next one.

o Getrepparttar 150191 right mentor o Decide onrepparttar 150192 right advertising method for you. o Take Action! o Learn o Practice o Be Creative o Take Action!

1. Getrepparttar 150193 right mentor.

I have been inrepparttar 150194 marketing industry for a couple of year. I am not as experienced as others but I do know how important it is to haverepparttar 150195 right mentor. Just like a toddler learning how to walk, you will need someone to guide you. If you think you can do well, in your business without a mentor, you are wrong. I am able to be reach my current stage in my business is all because of what my mentor taught me. If you are really new and have not join any network marketing company, make sure you join a company that provides you with a proper mentor! Not only mentor can tell you what you should do, he/she can also be a motivational factor in your business. After you are sure that you got yourself an understanding, knowledgeable and helpful mentor, it is time to proceed torepparttar 150196 next step: Deciding onrepparttar 150197 right advertising method for you.

2. Decide onrepparttar 150198 right advertising method for you.

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