5 Ways To Tell If A Preschooler Is Living In Your House

Written by Deborah Shelton

1. You reheatedrepparttar same cup of coffee three times this morning.

2. There is always one more person in your bed inrepparttar 118267 morning, than there wasrepparttar 118268 night before.

3. You can’t imagine life withoutrepparttar 118269 Cartoon Network.

4. The lock on your bathroom door is purely for decoration…

Top 10 Signs That You Have An Anger Problem

Written by Newton Hightower

Word wrap to 60, (145 words) *********************************************

1. You display your middle finger onrepparttar dashboard before you startrepparttar 118266 car.

2. There are more holes inrepparttar 118267 walls of your house than there are craters onrepparttar 118268 moon.

3. You thoughtrepparttar 118269 movie “Natural Born Killers” was a documentary.

4. You joinedrepparttar 118270 Beer & Gun Club.

5. Your definition of Anger Management is managing to programrepparttar 118271 VCR without throwing it acrossrepparttar 118272 room first.

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