5 Ways To Boost Your Memory

Written by Murdo Macleod


5 Ways To Boost Your Memory

- by Murdo Macleod


Have you ever imaginedrepparttar benefits a good memory can bring you?

Being able to remember important pieces of information - like names, facts and figures, directions, procedures, quotations - can give you a powerful advantage in life.

In fact,repparttar 109416 ability to retain and retrieve information is essential to your personal and professional success.

Here are five ways to boost your memory and keep it razor sharp:

1. Use Your Imagination

An easy way to remember something is to "take a picture".

For example, to remember where you've left your car keys, pretend to hold a camera to your eyes, focus onrepparttar 109417 scene, and clickrepparttar 109418 image into your memory when you are leaving.

Then, when you want to find your keys again, try to developrepparttar 109419 negative into positive and you'll be able to draw out a clear picture.

This technique works with almost everything you want to remember, asrepparttar 109420 film reel in your mind is endless.

Another trick you can use is to "think like a poet". Make up rhymes to recall ideas and construct simple-to-remember acronyms to record key phrases.

Remembering is EASY (Every Acronym Saves You) when you DIY (Do It Yourself).

Let's say you want to memorizerepparttar 109421 planets in their order fromrepparttar 109422 Sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Then just say "My Very Excellent Mom Just Served Us Nice Pickles".

2. Practice!

You can boost your memory with just a little regular practice. There are lots of ways of doing this:

Try to remember which day ofrepparttar 109423 week your last birthday was. Then extend this torepparttar 109424 birthdays of all your family members.

Try to remember allrepparttar 109425 Grand Slam Finalists and who wasrepparttar 109426 winner. If you can try to rememberrepparttar 109427 scores as well, it would be an even better exercise.

Try to remember names of allrepparttar 109428 50 States and see if you can do it in alphabetic order too.

It won't be long before your daily practice pays off - making your mind sharper and more adaptable.

3. Eat Healthy

The best way to protect your memory is to eat plenty of antioxidants and nutrients commonly found in fruits and vegetables.

ADDISON'S Addison's disease

Written by Charles Douglas Wehner

The Internet is full of "GOSH-JOURNALISM" articles about Addison's disease. Sometimes, these are written by somebody who declares himself to be a doctor, sometimes they are anonymous.

There is reputed to be a "CRAVING FOR SALT" - yetrepparttar truth is thatrepparttar 109415 hormone aldosterone stimulatesrepparttar 109416 digestion of salt - so when it is deficient there is actually a DEFICIENCY of salt appetite.

Inrepparttar 109417 final analysis,repparttar 109418 only people who can really decide whatrepparttar 109419 disease is like are those who RESEARCHEDrepparttar 109420 subject, and researched it PROPERLY inrepparttar 109421 DAYS BEFORE STEROIDS ARRIVED.

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