5 Tips to get out there and smell the roses….

Written by Claire Chapman

As we move torepparttar summer, it’s fantastic to seerepparttar 138258 sun shining, feelrepparttar 138259 heat and be able to get outside intorepparttar 138260 great outdoors to makerepparttar 138261 most ofrepparttar 138262 great world that we live in. I feel myself inspired byrepparttar 138263 spring flowers, and reinvigorated as I spend some time reveling in their colours. All seasons ofrepparttar 138264 year give us something special, but here are my 5 top tips to help you makerepparttar 138265 most of this season in particular…

1. Find yourself some space to smellrepparttar 138266 roses…

It is all too easy in today’s busy world to missrepparttar 138267 small things that make being human important to us, especially where we have many roles to play, family member, employee, lover, and more and more ways to keep in constant communication with people. Great athletes don’t stay great however, if they do not rest, and inrepparttar 138268 same way, creating some time to relax and take some time for yourself can give you more focus and in turn make you more productive as a result. Consider where in your life you can make some time to get out there and smellrepparttar 138269 roses. It may be that these are different chunks of time, such as lunchtimes,repparttar 138270 journey home, before or after work, or atrepparttar 138271 weekends. What work’s best for you? What do you need to have happen to protect that time?

2. Find somewhere to smell them…

There are so many beautiful places inrepparttar 138272 UK, makerepparttar 138273 most ofrepparttar 138274 area around you by getting to knowrepparttar 138275 places around you that you can go to be in nature. There are many parks, forests, walks, and your local tourist information or council may be able to give you some ideas on where to go. Thinking about what you love will help you makerepparttar 138276 most out ofrepparttar 138277 precious time that you have, and help reflectrepparttar 138278 mood that you are in – what do you feel like today? Water? Trees? A historic building with formal grounds? Wherever you go today, enjoy it?

The 5 winning beliefs to accomplish anything in life.

Written by Emmanuel Segui

Copyright 2005 Emmanuel Segui

A more positive future, a happier life, a body that's in better shape or a wealthier mind begins by a winning belief system. Beliefs shape our destiny andrepparttar more supporting they are,repparttar 138242 more we are able to achieve our goals.

Positive beliefs, like "I can do it" "I have tremendous resources to succeed" have been formed through experiences, especially during your childhood. Inrepparttar 138243 same way, negative or limiting beliefs, like "I'm worthless" "I don't deserve to succeed" "I don't haverepparttar 138244 permission to succeed" have been formed at an early age.

To succeed at any endeavor, you need to develop and maintain five powerful beliefs.

You need to literally transform these limiting beliefs and sure you can, because as they have been learned (through experiences, ideas…), they can be unlearned, restructured and changed.

Ask, ponder and integraterepparttar 138245 answers torepparttar 138246 five following key questions. For each statement, rate your degree of belief from 1 to 5.

1. Do I deserve it? This has to do with you. This has to do with your feelings of self-worth. "Do I deserve, do I haverepparttar 138247 permission to be a millionaire?" "Do I haverepparttar 138248 permission to remain centered, instead of stressed and depressed" Feel this question in your entire body. This is an essential step that your whole body and mind need to accept and integrate. 2. Am I capable of doing it? This next part concerns your plan that you've outlined to achieve your goal. "Am I capable of taking appropriate action, followingrepparttar 138249 different steps I set up to succeed?" Once you've answered that question affirmatively, integrate this in your body and mind. You don't only need to know it cognitively but also emotionally. Your body is not just made up of a cognitive mind, but with emotions and feelings andrepparttar 138250 whole system needs to accept it.

3. Is it appropriate for me? This has to do withrepparttar 138251 actions and behaviors themselves. "Arerepparttar 138252 actions and behaviors I need to take appropriate?" This is an important question. The actions and behaviors need to be ethical, practical and down-to-earth. Evaluate and decide if your actions are appropriate. If not, change them. You don't only want to set goals in your life, you want to become congruent and live in harmony with your core values.

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